Copywriter wanted

Dear soon-to-be copywriter of SuperHeroes,


We are looking for another Elliot.


Elliot has a beard, sometimes. Actually most of the time.

He has glasses. If he doesn’t forget them.

He once threw his ping pong bat into the ceiling to have it bounce back on his head. He still has a scar from it.

Elliot filled a weekend bag from a fellow super hero with styrofoam once. That colleague left us soon after.


Elliot also writes.

Often quite funny actually.

He puts on his headphones, we ignore him and then swoosh, he pumps out some amazing scripts. And then we laugh. Or cry, occasionally.


Elliot also teams up with other people. And dogs.

When he teams up with people, we hear banter, a lot.
When he teams up with dogs. We mainly hear dogs.

Elliot often presents to clients too. They chuckle, all the time.
Some ad people think that’s seniority. We just think that’s how we roll.


Well, there you have it.

We are looking for another Elliot.


So if your name is Elliot (or any other given name), if you are a native English/American  copywriter with a pretty good or bad sense of SuperHeroes humour, if you want to join us in our mission to save the world from boring advertising and if you can even prove us you kind of match the job description – well, then this paragraph was not long enough to scare you off, obviously.


Be brave.

Send your portfolio to airmail@hellosuperheroes.com and make us jealous.



p.s. this is a gender neutral position

p.s.s.s. home base for this position is our Amsterdam hideout

p.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s. don’t wait too long, we’re hiring soon


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