Sidekick Season

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Introducing our team’s new Sidekicks. Get to know Raisa, Lammert, Alex, and Chloe in this quick Q&A!


Lammert – Strategy


What are your superpowers?

I can time travel with my mind into the past and future, which can be useful sometimes (but often just ends in overthinking).


What emoji do you relate to the most and why?

The cup of coffee, I guess. That’s pretty much all I drink.


Raisa – Creative


Which visual artist do you get inspired by?

Do you know “Project Graham”? It isn’t created by one person/artist, but damn I love these kinds of projects. It’s clever, really well-made, relatable and current.


If you could only be online for 5 minutes a day, what would you do first?

I love to share weird shit with my best friends and my boyfriend. I would send them articles with strange facts or loads of gifs.


Chloe – PR & Social Media


What are your superpowers?

I have a laser eye for detail. 


What IG profile(s) would you recommend following and why?

@ps.ny, because of the combination of the Labradoodle, food and great photography and @plant_proof because of the food, information and most importantly, the guy is hot AF. Homeboy can like… get it.  


Alex – Strategy


What is your personal mission?

To make the world a better place, of course!!


If your batmobile should be sponsored by one brand, which one would it be and why?

KLM, so I can always travel high… in the air.


New Hideout!



We have some super exciting news. Last week, we were busy moving into our spanking new Hideout and we are now officially located at Keizersgracht 585!!!


Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our old office. And even though no one wanted to admit it (SuperHeroes don’t cry right? ;), we all had a lump in our throats when we closed our old office doors behind us for the last time. It was actually really sad, but it was time to finally take that next step!


Situated right in the heart of the city of Amsterdam, the Keizersgracht seemed like the perfect spot to locate our ever-evolving international creative Superagency. Just like our team, our headquarters have expanded quite a bit and we are putting the finishing touches on all the different rooms, as we speak.


Be on the look-out for more news about the office and the upcoming office party!


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Our team got bigger!



SuperHeroes is growing rapidly. To keep up with all this awesomeness, here’s a quick Q&A of our new team members!


Daniel Vargas – Strategist


Q: What are your superpowers?

A: I have the ability to read minds… no I wish, but I’m pretty good at reading people, which is a good superpower when you work in marketing.


Q: Which visual artist do you get inspired by?

A: I love the video installations of a Belgian artist called Frederik Heyman, the photography of David LaChapelle and local graffiti artists The London Police.


Kirsten Cave – Project/Account Director New York 


Q: What is your personal mission?

A: To eat all the free samples.


Q: What emoji do you relate to the most and why?

A: For sure the Alien. We’re both weird.


Babo Schokker – Art Director


Q: What are your superpowers?

A: Never settle for ordinary.


Q: If you could only be online for 5 minutes a day, what would you do first?
A: Buienradar to see if the grass is greener on the other side.


Sanne-Fleur – Project/Account Manager


Q: What is your personal mission?

A: My personal mission is to make things work. Get it done, find a great solution and fix it!


Q: If your batmobile should be sponsored by one brand which one would it be and why?

A: Din Thai Fung, probably, I think the sponsorship includes free food right?

The AI Christmas Choir

Before you fly out to your friends, family and stuff your face with delicious meals, we’d like to spread some holiday love to you!


2017 was a very divisive year across the board, and we thought the world could use a bit of healing. So we decided to make peace between the robots and create the AI Christmas Choir. Because if they can do it, so can us humans.


Siri vs. Google Assistant vs. Alexa vs. Cortana? With each of these chatty virtual assistants fighting to prove their worth, we think something got lost…the Christmas spirit. For one harmonious night, Cortana, Siri, Google home, Echo and Alexa are going to forget about the competition and sing Christmas carols together.


Elon Musk might think artificial intelligence-backed robots will one day kill us all, but for now they’re just spreading holiday cheer. So grab your hot cocoa, cozy up, and enjoy the Christmas classics as you’ve never heard them before.


Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a harmonious 2018!





Lonely AF? Here’s Cupid!



Suck at love? Cupid is ready to drop some knowledge, and help give your love life a happy ending. For MTV International’s new global TV show Single AF, our New York office created the “Cupid Bot”, a Facebook messenger chatbot that helps users make sense of love and other 4 letter words. 


MTV’s newest TV show Single AF features 6 celebrities who are sent out on dates around the world by Cupid, an anonymous digital matchmaker. Our New York SuperHeroes cleverly connect TV and digital content by bringing the show’s Cupid to life as a cheeky chatbot offering both personalized love support, and show goodies to help keep viewers engaged between episodes.




Not just another Chatbot

Chatbots have been around awhile, but the experience usually feels stiff and lacks personality. The Cupid Bot builds on the sassy tone of voice established by the show, and is even personalized to allow for a more playful and authentic experience. Whether it’s signing up for a daily “stop doing stupid stuff reminder” or getting pre-made digital love notes to send to your FB crush, the Cupid Bot is a chatbot with a little more heart.


SuperHeroes NYC developed the idea and produced all content for MTV’s Instagram and Facebook pages.“It’s always tough reaching the MTV crowd, and even tougher to show up in their newsfeeds, so we needed a fresh way to reach them. With the Cupid Bot, it’s a one-on-one experience with the user. We’re making the experience personal with show reminders, notifications and other ways to ensure we’re as relevant as we can be”, says Rob Zuurbier, our SuperHeroes New York MD.  


The Cupid Bot has gone live in 20 markets around the world, and is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch.


Want to give Cupid Bot a try? Click here


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