Stop dreaming, start doing

What does it take to win the lottery? According to the latest EuroJackpot Campaign from SuperHeroes Amsterdam, grabbing that big prize is all about having the winning attitude.


The 360 brand campaign hits the Dutch market with digital OOH, short films, and retail placements, but it’s the commercial spot that really sets the tone. Shot in the sprawling Mojave desert, the film encourages you to stop dreaming and start doing, because life is just one big jackpot, and it’s time to cash in. Directed by Nicolas Randall with special effects by Therapy Studios and sound by Squeaky Clean, the absurdly epic commercial is loaded with stunts, fun, and of course… winning.





Venus and Serena. Or just Venus. Or Roger. SuperHeroes Amsterdam is looking for new creatives. Team or solo.


The couches in our brand new hideout on the Keizersgracht are desperately waiting to feel some fresh butt. Will it be yours and the one of your teammate?


For campaigns for our clients like Eurojackpot, MTV, Converse, and Giant we are looking for creatives or a creative team. Dutch, American or Gibraltarians. Whatever works, as long as we’re jealous of your cutting-edge portfolio.


We are looking for a boy, girl, yeti or magician duo

  • with ideally 4 years of experience.
  • who likes to join us on our mission to save the world from boring advertising
  • who eats insights for breakfast and writes his own fortune cookies for dinner
  • who has once wore pajamas to work just to find out it what it was like.


What you’ll get in return:

  • A full-time job that gives you a chance to work on global and national campaigns
  • You’ll be surrounded by an international team of creatives, strategists, developers, motion graphic designers and client managers
  • You will become a Superhero (isn’t that just awesome?)
  • You will work in our hideout at the most royal one of all Amsterdam canals.
  • You’ll even get a decent salary.


Please send your portfolio and motivation to before the end of June ‘18, or contact Django @ 31 (0)20 846 38 06.


Let’s fly!

We Teamed up with Canon USA for Missing Kids campaign

Being a parent is tough, but being a parent of a missing child is unthinkable. To help raise awareness for the over 400,000 kids that go missing in the US every year, we teamed up with Canon USA and created a campaign for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  




#ParentProbs #BathTime #ProudDad

The story of parenthood is being told by proud moms and dads across social media every day. From the joyful to the challenging, every moment is documented and neatly summed up with a hashtag. But there’s an important story that isn’t yet being told, one that happens when parents #LookedAway just for a #SplitSecond. The story of a missing child.


The Hardest Job in the World

The centerpiece of the campaign is an emotional film depicting the overwhelming joy of parenting, as well as the fear and grief a parent feels when a child goes missing. With the use of recognizable hashtags paired with family footage, a familiar story quickly turns into a parent’s worst nightmare.


Dries Roelvink ditches his sunbed for


Dutch entertainment media and national news couldn’t stop gossiping when we publicly challenged the classic Dutch bronzed icon, singer and entertainer Dries Roelvink to trade his sunbed for solar panels. The man with the famous tan readily accepted our challenge to go green. He threw out his energy-guzzling sunbed and got some shiny new solar panels in return to put on his roof terrace on the PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam.



Our creative director Niek Eijsbouts: “Solar panels aren’t particularly sexy, so we thought of someone who could show the positive effect of solar panels: Dries Roelvink! Every Dutchman knows Dries can’t live without his sunbed and now that he has traded it in for solar panels, the campaign makes an even bigger statement. If he can do it, anybody can. Dries really set an example.”




Dries wanted to inspire others to get rid of their harmful sunbeds and to enjoy the actual sun rays from now on. Through a clever pay-it-forward mechanism even rewarded the next person with free solar panels. If only he or she would trade in a sunbed!


Office Warming

Last Thursday, we had our office opening party at our brand new Hideout. We’re still feeling the energy from that truly unforgettable night! The party kicked off at 7:00 and it wasn’t long before we had a full house busting a move on the dance floor.




The night began with a sensational performance by the band Kuenta i Tambu, we couldn’t get enough of their sizzling hot Caribbean-inspired rhythms. After that, the whole crowd got to shimmy and shake to the beats of DJ Cream and DJ Dieuxpere.




The party was so great, even the Police couldn’t help but swing by! But that didn’t stop us from running around with a big blow-up hashtag, racing cars in our retro race room, playing endless games of ping pong and putting on our best selfie faces in the gif booth.




Everyone seemed to have a ball and we’ve never seen a bar busier than the piano bar serving the yummy V2C Gin & tonics. All partygoers must’ve been hella thirsty, because we ran out of our huge supply in the end. Still, that didn’t kill the fun! To be honest, we’re still finding Heineken beer bottles in the nooks and crannies of the office…




Once again, thanks to everyone for coming out! We had so much fun and hope you enjoyed our party as well. Find all the great, fabulous, adorable, wonderful, charming and not so charming (kidding ;) party pics here!





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