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UPDATE NEWS ALERT: ladies and gentlemen, we found him!
How small does this world get? Or bizarre? On Friday the 20th SuperHeroes Django, Alvaro and Rogier went to Madrid for some business. Crossing Plaza Mayor, we thought hey, haven’t we seen this guy before? Back in Amsterdam we checked the photo and well, it’s unbelievably him!

Vodafone: are you sure Jurjen?

Hate traffic jams? Busy trains? Noisy or smelly colleagues? Then you should surely consider working from home. But why is not everyone too happy about that idea? SuperHeroes created a small campaign on this theme for Vodafone. We centered three short films around Jurjen, an office worker filled with prejudice. Are you sure Jurjen?

The films were made in collaboration with Blue Mango and weblog

Lassie: bring back the magic

Lassie Toverkok

Lassie Toverpan

Lassie Toverrijst (Magic Rice) celebrates its 50th anniversary. That’s one to celebrate. But where Lassie was an amazing revolution in 1959, today rice has become a commodity. A difficult category to get attention for. And why would you visit a rice brands’ website?

Aiming at young families with kids, SuperHeroes totally refreshed the website and introduced two new main attractions: the Toverkok (the magic cook) and the Toverpan (magic pan). Great entertainment and great recipies served in a steaming way. The site’s traffic has amazingly grown. Hmmm… Lekker lekker!


In the service of good

Batman cleaning the window

Sometimes we just do a little extra for our dearest clients.

Holland Heineken House: looking for work?

Holland Heineken House

Holland Heineken House

Holland Heineken House

We the Dutch have one thing we’re really proud of during the Olympic Games: the Holland Heineken House. Whilst you can only enter showing your dutch passport, it generally is one of the most talked about off sites during the Olympics. It is where the Dutch celebrate their medals (and ok, party a little too). With the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics coming up, we built a website for Heineken and Randstad to recruit the crew. And what better way to do that then to show full screen video of past Holland Heineken House editions?

In this project we closely collaborated with Magic Bullet and Refhan.

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