Magic Bullet: new website

Magic Bullet Website

They’ve been a bit too busy to finish their own website, but our friends at Magic Bullet at least can take a look at their future website on our blog. Magic Bullet is a digital production agency, and we collaborate a lot with them. That’s also why they asked SuperHeroes to design their new website and logo. The website’s fully scalable and navigates also with the arrow keys. Now guys, finish it!

Lassie: interactive video prerolls

Lassie Interactive PreRoll

Online video advertising is something we are really excited about. We believe in the power of video ads and also believe that what’s being produced right now  – guillotined commercials, cruelly cut down from 30 secs to 15 secs – does not use the full power of  the Internet. Why not add interaction? Why not engage the viewer  in your storyline? There’s much to explore and still much to gain. And so much to learn too…

For Lassie we have created 4 different Pre Rolls: a standard one, an interactive overlay, an interactive in-video plus a split screen version. In a large scale research effort Metrixlab and Ilse Media are now testing the creatives. The results will be widely publicized. We’ll keep you informed, but in the meantime, you can check the pre-rolls here and here.

Enough Picasso?

Picasso's SuperHeroes

If Picasso had ever seen a superhero, this is probably how he would have pictured them. Lucky enough he didn’t (hmm, or unlucky enough?). These are the guys that lookaliked him.

Dead superheroes



Halloween in Amsterdam. SuperHeroes’ Alvaro & Manuel show their inner-beings, the Dead Jedi and el Mariachi muerto!



Yeah, you’re the man.


UPDATE NEWS ALERT: ladies and gentlemen, we found him!
How small does this world get? Or bizarre? On Friday the 20th SuperHeroes Django, Alvaro and Rogier went to Madrid for some business. Crossing Plaza Mayor, we thought hey, haven’t we seen this guy before? Back in Amsterdam we checked the photo and well, it’s unbelievably him!

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