New campaign: Vodafone Lucky Calls!

Vodafone Lucky Calls

Did you ever call a website?  Or more precise, a phone in a web shop for mobile phones? Probably not. But now is your chance. Today we launch a brand new campaign for Vodafone. Its name: Lucky Calls!

Vodafone Lucky Calls is a pretty special campaign. To promote the new online shop on we hired Vodafone shop assistant Anouk to help us out. Our basic idea: experience your phone before you virtually buy it. And to really  experience the shop Anouk also added a bit of flavor – she is the one who is ultimately creative in picking up the phone in time. For each of the eight phones…

How does it work? Each of the phones in the shop has a phone number underneath. Call this number and put in the special code. Once you do this, you are one-on-one connected to the website. With Anouk on the phone, you are asked to answer a simple question. Give the right answer, and you might win the phone you’re calling. Pretty neat.

Making sure the phone rings for you only required quite a bit of tech. Also syncing the video to your phone was a bit of a challenge. We managed to give it at least a Skype feel or better: in sync is almost impossible, but we’re almost there. The IVR-system is managing the calls and video, and can do that in lots of concurrent streams too.

In realizing this campaign we closely collaborated with Wenneker TV, Dutchear and Magic Bullet. And of course not to forget Vodafone. Thanks!

Not having your phone near enough? Or visiting from abroad? Here’s a little how to video:

(don’t forget to check out yourself…)

Happy New Ham


It’s great to have a bit of an international SuperHeroes team. Good food! Alvaro our spanish art director brought back a Lucky Ham from Madrid. We gave it a bit of fresh air. Now lets get lucky.

Merry Christmas

Christmas With The Superheroes 1975

Merry merry Christmas to you all!

When we were young

growing up heroesgrowing-up-superheroes2growing up heroes3

At the end of the year, it’s good to look back. But some people go way back. And sometimes we really really like that. Wait: is that really Alvaro? For more see (and if you got some to share with us too, don’t hesitate…)

Brands making friends

In a world where the new currency is your number of followers,  TheBigMoney has created a list of the 50 brands that do well on Facebook. They look at numbers of friends, type of content and why it’s cool. And to make it a bit more intelligent they also used metrics like page growth, frequency of updates, creativity  and fan engagement…

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