Heroic efforts: knitman

Apparently it is possible to generate energy by knitting. A lot of knitting probably. Mark Newton is the superknitter.

African Bicycle Network: new look & feel

African Bicycle Network

African Bycicle Network Blog

Sometimes, to help make the world a bit better, SuperHeroes don’t need to make use of super powers or cutting-edge technology. In this case we helped out the African Bicycle Network shaping their branding and creating a WordPress blog template.

The boy wonder


Nice! By illustrator/ animator Allan Sanders.

Fireworks campaign kick-off: Shit Happens!

Shit Happens!

The countdown has started. In the Netherlands, it has been a long tradition to celebrate New Year’s Eve by lighting fireworks. Unfortunately every year too many people get injured around these celebrations.  More than half of these accidents involve bystanders. To reduce these numbers SuperHeroes has come to help… There are a few easy ways to protect yourself and others. It’s our task to get this message into the hearts and minds of a target group of youngsters.

In close cooperation with our friends at Doom & Dickson and the client (the Stichting Consument & Veiligheid) we are currently working hard on finishing the fireworks campaign. The teaser site was released today. The campaign starts December 7…

See www.shithappens.nl

Magic Bullet: new website

Magic Bullet Website

They’ve been a bit too busy to finish their own website, but our friends at Magic Bullet at least can take a look at their future website on our blog. Magic Bullet is a digital production agency, and we collaborate a lot with them. That’s also why they asked SuperHeroes to design their new website and logo. The website’s fully scalable and navigates also with the arrow keys. Now guys, finish it!

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