Essent: unreal energy

This is one we can’t tell too much about yet, because we’re still working on it. Why post it already then? Just because we’re already excited of what’s coming up… The concept has something to do with special powers. Now let’s see if you can figure that one out.

(we thought a short Mythbusters special report could make up for a little bit of the waiting time)

Back to the future

SuperHero nursing home

SuperHero nursing home

No, this is not our office. French artist Gilles Barbier sculpted these life like overaged heroes back in 2002 already (look at the telly, that’s really an oldie). It’s still a great piece. Check here for more detailed pictures.

Oh yes, we got Zeptonnized

In the back of our SuperHeroes HQ we have a small room. The walls are black. So we used to call it: the Black Room. And sometimes: the Dark Room. But you know, after some time this room got a little bit too creepy. It was time for some Action. And hell yeah, why not do it great. Check it now. Big thanks to Zeptonn (and our friends ShopAround)!

Yes, you can build a brand online

We stumbled upon this presentation on digital brand experiences from Razorfish, and it’s one of the better ones on the subject. Lots of numbers, interesting conclusions (apart from Bing?). If you can, read it.

Heroic efforts: knitman

Apparently it is possible to generate energy by knitting. A lot of knitting probably. Mark Newton is the superknitter.

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