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Sometimes we just do a little extra for our dearest clients.

Holland Heineken House: looking for work?

Holland Heineken House

Holland Heineken House

Holland Heineken House

We the Dutch have one thing we’re really proud of during the Olympic Games: the Holland Heineken House. Whilst you can only enter showing your dutch passport, it generally is one of the most talked about off sites during the Olympics. It is where the Dutch celebrate their medals (and ok, party a little too). With the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics coming up, we built a website for Heineken and Randstad to recruit the crew. And what better way to do that then to show full screen video of past Holland Heineken House editions?

In this project we closely collaborated with Magic Bullet and Refhan.

Vodafone: do the dance

vodafone passport

He was already a familiar sight, Vodafone’s rastafari roamer. But nobody before had ever actually danced with him. So just before the summer of 2009, we launched a campaign in which you could actually on mouse control dance with our man. The campaign promoted the Vodafone Passport and ran on a great number of websites. Also it featured on for the summer.

Our wonderful colleague

Beginning of this year we participated in a pitch for Crystal Clear. Great momentum to bring in our beloved female colleague Wonder Woman. We didn’t win the pitch – can you believe that – but, she made us a great impression. Thanks.

Unexploding stuff

Being SuperHeroes, we have our principles you know. Working in the battle line means you need a little explosion here and there. Or at least a bit of ignition. But wouldn’t it be better if it we could unexplode stuff too?

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