Dutch TV show ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ approached us to make a short film about the Dutch identity – a big theme in election time. So we did, and Niek went on air to present it.



Will you take the shortcut?


There’s an easier way to get what you want when you need it. That’s exactly what Setapp, the recently launched “Netflix for apps”, wants to prove. Our New York shop surprised unsuspecting fisherman on a lake in Orlando with a fresh shortcut.


> How AdWeek covered the campaign



Setapp is a subscription service with unlimited access to the best Mac apps for a monthly fee. With Setapp in the dock of your Mac, you’ll get around the hassle of having to go through tons of apps in the official app store, a shortcut that we so often would love to have in life.


Whether it’s speed fishing or finding the easier way to build a birdhouse, the multi-channel introduction campaign celebrates the convenience of taking a shortcut.



Take the shortcut

The campaign is built on the success of our SuperClose model. By applying sequential storytelling to the long idea of “taking the shortcut”, we’re able to target different people in an engaging way.


The campaign shows different types of struggling, brought in short-form content like promotional videos, a product demo and display ads. We see the hassle of starting a fire, building a birdhouse or picking the right apps for Mac, and how all these moments are minimized by offering people a shortcut. All films are directed by talented director duo Pete & Jamie.














New clients: energiedirect.nl and Essent



We are excited and honored to announce our newest super clients: energiedirect.nl and Essent, two of the largest energy brands in the Netherlands. Both brands chose SuperHeroes after a pitch which was lead by 3MO.


Ingrid Nagtzaam, manager branding: “We’re in need of a digital first agency to bring our brands to the next level. SuperHeroes convincingly showed us how we can do this.”


We’re looking forward to using our superpowers to build these great brands and support their newest campaigns and new product introductions.


Keep an eye on our social channels to stay updated on the work!


Dutch Copywriter

Okay, here’s a clickable link too: airmail@hellosuperheroes.com




SuperHeroes creates most engaging brand content of 2016



A pleasant surprise at the end of an already very successful year!


The ‘Remaster the Internet’ campaign – developed for LG USA by SuperHeroes New York – has been named most engaging brand content for 2016 in Adweek.


The list is made by social media analytics company Unmetric. Unmetric studies Twitter, Facebook and Instagram data to determine an engagement score for brand posts. The engagement score is a weighted measurement based on the idea that some metrics like shares and retweets have more value for brands than others such as likes and favorites. For YouTube, the company uses a different method for measuring the successfulness of a campaign. There is no engagement score, but likes and how quickly a video accumulates them are important factors. It also uses a combination of its own algorithms and human insights to determine overall engagement.


As the article also states: ‘In 2016, brands took social video storytelling to another level, not only on YouTube, but on Facebook and Instagram as well, and were rewarded for their efforts. This year really showed that there’s an appetite and attention span for longer branded content if it’s authentic and tells a story that resonates well with people, not merely as consumers but universally as humans.’


It’s awesome to see our mission and vision reflected in core results. That’s exactly what we’re all about.


Happy New Year!





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