Copywriter wanted

Dear soon-to-be copywriter of SuperHeroes,


We are looking for another Elliot.


Elliot has a beard, sometimes. Actually most of the time.

He has glasses. If he doesn’t forget them.

He once threw his ping pong bat into the ceiling to have it bounce back on his head. He still has a scar from it.

Elliot filled a weekend bag from a fellow super hero with styrofoam once. That colleague left us soon after.


Elliot also writes.

Often quite funny actually.

He puts on his headphones, we ignore him and then swoosh, he pumps out some amazing scripts. And then we laugh. Or cry, occasionally.


Elliot also teams up with other people. And dogs.

When he teams up with people, we hear banter, a lot.
When he teams up with dogs. We mainly hear dogs.

Elliot often presents to clients too. They chuckle, all the time.
Some ad people think that’s seniority. We just think that’s how we roll.


Well, there you have it.

We are looking for another Elliot.


So if your name is Elliot (or any other given name), if you are a native English/American  copywriter with a pretty good or bad sense of SuperHeroes humour, if you want to join us in our mission to save the world from boring advertising and if you can even prove us you kind of match the job description – well, then this paragraph was not long enough to scare you off, obviously.


Be brave.

Send your portfolio to airmail@hellosuperheroes.com and make us jealous.



p.s. this is a gender neutral position

p.s.s.s. home base for this position is our Amsterdam hideout

p.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s.s. don’t wait too long, we’re hiring soon



communications-strategyGreatQuestion! is een digital first PR & Comms bureau en maakt deel uit van creative agency SuperHeroes Amsterdam. We zijn een gezellig en internationaal bureau en werken nauw samen aan de meest coole projecten. Merken waar we mee werken zijn bijvoorbeeld MTV, energiedirect.nl en Converse, maar we zijn ook verantwoordelijk voor de PR en social media van SuperHeroes.


We zoeken een nieuwe PR/ Comms Director! Iemand met een aantal jaren relevante ervaring en die het tijd vindt voor vernieuwing. En dan hebben we het over echte vernieuwing. Want wij benaderen PR niet vanuit een traditioneel perspectief, maar vanuit een geïntegreerde, ‘digital first’ aanpak.


Omdat we vaak geen thuis vonden bij meer traditionele PR-bureaus hebben we een eigen bureau gestart. GreatQuestion! heet het en het vertrekpunt daarvan is dat iedereen een influencer is in zijn eigen sociale kring. We hebben hier een nieuw comms model omheen, we zoeken nu iemand die ons helpt het bureau verder uit te bouwen. Een slimme PR-native, een vernieuwer, iemand die graag de branche een beetje wil opschudden en niet bang is om daarin het voortouw te nemen.


•    je krijgt een leidinggevende rol bij GreatQuestion!
•    je begeleidt de accounts en inspireert klanten
•    je zet niet alleen de strategie, maar neemt ook het voortouw in de uitvoering
•    je bent een ‘digital native’, en begrijpt hoeveel de mediawereld is verandert
•    je inspireert de externe PR van zowel GreatQuestion! als SuperHeroes.


•    3-6 jaar ervaring in PR/Digital/Communicatie
•    ervaring in leidinggeven is een pré
•    je spreekt in het openbaar net zo makkelijk als op een feestje
•    social media savvy
•    je hebt een goede pen (ehm keyboard)
•    ervaring met lifestyle brands + consumer marketing
•    je hebt een toonaangevend netwerk
•    je bent van oorsprong Nederlands, maar spreekt en schrijft vloeiend Engels (onze voertaal is English en het SuperHeroes team kent ruim 20 nationaliteiten)


Bij GreatQuestion!
•    werk je als vaste buur samen met de creatieve teams bij SuperHeroes
•    krijg je een fulltime job (parttime bespreekbaar)
•    werk je met tal van nationaliteiten


SuperHeroes is een internationaal reclamebureau met een digitaal DNA, met vestigingen in Amsterdam en New York. Onze missie is ‘to save the world from boring advertising’. Inmiddels werkt SuperHeroes voor brands als Coca-Cola, Heineken, Essent, energiedirect.nl, ING, MTV, ASUS en Converse.


GreatQuestion! is twee jaar geleden gestart als vernieuwend ‘digital first’ comms bureau. Het werkt samen met influencers, bouwt aan media relaties, zet events op, maar is ook specialist in digital content en social media.


Ben je geïnteresseerd?
Stuur je CV en motivatie naar airmail@hellosuperheroes.com of bel 020 846 3806 en vraag naar Django.


Voor meer informatie:




At SuperHeroes we’re on a mission: to save the world from boring advertising.
And as our mission gets more traction throughout the world, we need more help.


SuperHeroes is an international, digitally native creative agency. We’ve got an awesome team of about 40 heroes – who span 12 nationalities – and an amazing international roster of clients (like Converse, MTV, ASUS, ING and Coca-Cola).


As an independent boutique agency our creative business approach and innovative set of weapons is attracting a lot of attention. We’ve opened up an New York office and are closely looking at Asia as well. We’ve got no shortage of ambition and entrepreneurship and let creativity be leading in everything we do.


We’re looking for a ‘Super Brand Strategist’: an analytical problem solver that drives innovation and ideas for new and existing clients. Someone with the ability to be in the lead of large projects and to inspire C-level marketeers with fresh future perspectives. This position is for our Amsterdam office.


•    Brand strategy, communications planning, customer journey development and innovation projects
•    Examine clients’ businesses, customers, marketing & communications, strengths and weaknesses
•    Turn insights into strategies that inspire and rationalize the development of integrated campaigns and executions.
•    Lead client conversations, workshops and planning sessions
•    Help build the client relationship, gain trust and happiness.


Desired skills
•    Minimum of 6+ years of experience in a brand strategy role
•    Love for innovation and non-traditional advertising
•    Experience in planning and delivering effective cross-channel campaigns and initiatives
•    Capacity to think holistically about a client’s business
•    Very strong written and verbal communication skills
•    Comfortable working in a flexible and entrepreneurial environment
•    A sociable and inspiring personality – people are genuinely happy to see and work with you

•    Native Dutch



What we offer
•    You will get a full time job
•    You will become a Superhero (isn’t that just awesome?)
•    You will work in our hideout in the heart of Amsterdam
•    You’ll even get a decent salary.


Please send your cv and motivation to airmail@hellosuperheroes.com before December 7th, or contact Django @ 31 (0)20 846 38 06. Let’s fly!

She has a pet fish called Domino: Meet Libby!

Happy corgi dog full-body portrait in the woods.


We are very happy to present to you our new SuperHeroes. In this blog series you get to know more details about every one of them. We want to introduce Libby. She is our newest producer all the way from Chicago!


What are your superpowers?

Super efficiency and super organisation! Aaand also making pizza magically disappear….


What is your personal mission?

My personal mission is to shake. things. up. I like to constantly question why things are, or have to be, a certain way and how they can be refreshed and improved.


What’s on your Spotify playlist?

A mix of everything, but lots of ZHU, Years & Years, and Drake for when I need to focus and really crush some work.


What IG profile would you recommend to follow and why?

Cash cats (@cashcats) or Corgi Butt Official (@corgibutt_offical). Fun fact: corgis have underrated, hilarious butts.


If your batmobile should be sponsored by one brand which one would it be and why?

My batmobile should be sponsored by ‘illy’ because it probably runs on coffee just like me!


Which apps are in your iPhone’s bottom row?

WhatsApp, Email, and MAPS….I’m always getting lost!


What emoji do you relate to the most and why?

I think the little ghost one that is sticking its tongue out, cause its funny and a little bit weird and it just kinda has its hands up laughing like “woo!”

Swimming with virtual sharks

Always wanted to swim with white sharks, but can’t afford a ticket to South Africa? Or you’re simply too terrified? Well, don’t worry any longer: you can now encounter a great white while floating in clean chlorinated water… 



The technical creators at our sister agency Magic Bullet developed Europe’s first underwater VR glasses for Vodafone, together with Glasnost. They created a floating buoy with animated leds and 4G, and connected it to a 3d-printed special underwater pair of VR glasses.


‘Awesome, super cool, bizarre’. 

The most daring part was an underwater 360 video, that was shot in South Africa. This 360 movie was then streamed onto a set of VR goggles, to a diver submerged underwater in the swimming pool. Check out the film to see the result!




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