Esprix nomination Shit Happens

Shit Happens just got nominated for an Esprix. On the 2nd of June in the Westerkerk in Amsterdam is announced if the campaign gets Bronze, Silver or Gold…

Hello, I’m Ameli


I just arrived at SuperHeroes and now I want to know how to fly like a real superhero. A real superhero needs to have “extraordinary or superhuman powers”. Well I don’t know if I got that, but I know that I have a Hyper Island experience and also a working experience before, so my take off ground is stable.

I was born in the south of Sweden in a small town with 3000 inhabitants. This was way to small for me so the first thing I did when I turned 18 was to move to Gothenburg. I studied design and art in 4 years and after that I did some more moving and the next stop was Stockholm and started at the agency Dallas. I worked there as a designer and a motion Art Director. And after that I discover The Internetz and found that Hyper Island was the right place to be. A couple of months on frustration, goosebumps, beer, great weird people, feedback-sessions and some post-its notes later, I found SuperHeroes. So now I’m here and trying to find my “extraordinary or superhuman powers”.

Ameli’s portfolio is here.

Kick-ass movie coming up

‘Is every day life really so exciting? At some point in our lives, we all want to be a superhero.’ We totally agree.

Note 17th April:

Damn, go see this movie, it’s great. Never before seen an eleven year old taking out a busload of criminals under this great Dickies soundtrack… Awesome.

Lovely dance, Spiderman

Once we lived in a world of GIF. Those were the days.

Spiderman dances

Do-it-Yourself Energy: augmented installation

Driving your hybrid batmobile on a mix of gasoline and cole-produced electricity might not exactly be best for Mother Nature. The good news is: there’s plenty of alternatives. Dutch energy company Essent invited us to also envision an alternative. So we invented Do-it-Yourself Energy.

To experience DIY Energy we built an augmented installation. With the help of large amounts of lung power, it will virtually generate all energy needed at Essent’s stand at the upcoming Carrierebeurs in the RAI Centre in Amsterdam.

Next week we’ll show you a video of the actual  installation in the RAI centre. If you can’t wait: the movies above already preview some of the graphics…

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