SEAT: 24hrs Ibiza with Armin

The album release of the worlds’ best DJ Armin van Buren in Ibiza. Two planes. But only one is departing… The interactive video has a pretty exciting day at stake. 24hrs in Ibiza with Armin, all beats included. SuperHeroes created the 9 minute interactive video (as long as you make the right choices…) to select potential winners. We produced in a record time of 7 weeks, in close collaboration with KumpanyL.A.D.A and Magic Bullet. Your task? To make sure Armin get’s his act together on the day of his release party…

UPDATE: we’ve put together a short case movie


Bikes can change lives: WIKI-Bike

WikiBike Poster

At SuperHeroes we support the African Bicycle Network, which is helping people in developing countries to obtain a bike. And in these countries, bikes can really make a difference.

To spark creativity on the subject, we’ve concepted a special design contest. At, students, designers and others  are invited to share their ideas on bicycle designs with the rest of the world. Inspiration for bikes that make a difference for reasons of health, poverty alleviation, environment etcetera.

Five winning contributions will be awarded with a design team who will develop the design ideas into prototypes. A professional jury will decide on the winning concept. Inspired yourself? Here’s a short video explaining how to join the contest:

The New World of Lassie

Screen shot 2010-06-01 at 22.37.52

Dutch heritage rice brand Lassie is undergoing major changes. And at SuperHeroes we are happy to collaborate intensively in this change process. Packaging and logo design have been altered by Proud Design. Also involved in the change process are Doom & Dickson and Fronteer Strategy.

The new is a first result of the sessions. We built the world of Lassie, which is still pretty closed but will open up soon. Explore it and among others, you’ll find lots of great new recipes.

More to follow soon!

Real-Life Superhero of the day: RAINMAN

The awesome Swedish “t-shirt magazine” T-post is running an exciting contest, which invites readers to put on a costume and perform random acts of kindness for a chance at $1000 cash. Dubbed Rainman, Martin Schürger is a superhero with the power to prevent rain from falling on random strangers’ heads… Other entries on YouTube are filed under I AM SHINING STAR.

The very last single of DI-RECT

CD-singles are getting extinct. Hell, with Spotify out there even CD-albums are running on their last legs. To not let the burial of a once great medium go by unnoticed, SuperHeroes and EMI fabricated DI-RECTS‘ very last single intro a special entry ticket for those who bought it…

Using pattern recognition and your webcam, the single’s cover was the entry ticket to an exclusive making-off of the video clip for ‘This is who we are’. The band’s guitar master Spike explains how it works… (sorry, in dutch…).

If you haven’t bought the single (what a shame), here’s some screenshots of how it worked:


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