New client: Rivella

Fantastic news today! We’re very proud to announce Rivella has chosen to work with SuperHeroes. Rivella is one of those special heritage brands. It still has one of the 5 most recalled pay-offs in the Netherlands: ‘a bit strange, but nice’. The 90’s campaign still lives in the heads & minds of many people, and SuperHeroes has gotten the assignment to give it a nowadays follow-up. We’ve created a pretty special strategy… More to follow soon!

The World’s Best Bannerads

Banner blindness is common these days. But no way all bannering goes by unnoticed. Ashley Ringrose, co-founder of Soap Creative and curator of Bannerblog, has a few ideas of what makes a great online display ad. As simple as it sounds, you need to understand interactivity. Some great examples lead the way…

SuperHeroes plane helping out


The SuperHeroes plane is helping out in the US oil disaster…

Beautiful bad pictures


SuperHeroes are not often exposing their inner beings. Adrian Tranquilli sculpted these great images, called  Heroes: The Route of Exposure. There’s more here.

New client: Marktplaats/ eBay

action figures to the market?Oh boy, what are we gonna sell? Has the moment really come to auction our action figures? We just dove deep into our new client Marktplaats/ eBay… SuperHeroes is going to bring to life their AdMarket product.

AdMarket works a bit like Google’s AdSense: it provides advertisers the opportunity to be top listed among the millions of ads on Marktplaats. End of June the works will be live.

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