At SuperHeroes we’re on a mission: to save the world from boring advertising.

And as our mission gets more traction throughout the world, we need more help.

SuperHeroes is an international, digitally native creative agency. We’ve got an awesome team of about 40 heroes – who span 12 nationalities – and an amazing international roster of clients (like Dubai Tourism, Asahi, Canon USA, Converse, MTV, ASUS, ING, Coca-Cola and more).


As an independent boutique agency, our creative business approach and innovative set of weapons are attracting a lot of attention. We have offices in New York, Amsterdam and are planning to open in Singapore soon. And most of all, we’ve got no shortage of ambition and entrepreneurship and let creativity be leading in everything we do.


We’re looking for a ‘Super Sidekick’ to start as soon as possible. This is a paid, full-time internship opportunity at our Brooklyn, New York office. You’ll jump right into the mix, functioning as a full-fledged member of staff. So if you envision a future for yourself in Account Management, Strategy, or Production in an agency setting, look no further!


*Ideal candidates are current or soon-to-be NYC residents: for this position SuperHeroes New York will not provide relocation services or assistance in obtaining work visas.



  • Participate in client meetings, own responsibilities to live projects, and have client-facing involvement on select projects.
  • Handle various internal tasks related to agency operations and administration.
  • Contribute to office culture, activities, and bonding.

Desired skills

  • Eagerness to learn and contribute
  • A passion for the pace and flexibility that comes with an entrepreneurial environment
  • Capacity to think holistically about problems
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • A sociable and inspiring personality – people are genuinely happy to see and work with you
  • Fluent in English
  • Being a social media guru is a great plus
  • Being great with programs like Keynote, PP, and Excel is also a great plus

What we offer

  • A full-time internship (beginning August or September, duration negotiable)
  • You will uncover your inner SuperHero (isn’t that just awesome?)
  • You will work in our US hideout, in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • You’ll receive mentorship and support from our senior staff and get a unique view of the ins-and-outs of running an agency.


Please send your resume and cover letter to Beth Irvin at and we’ll be in touch!


3…2…1… Blast off! We’re launching our SuperHeroes spaceship to a brand new galaxy…

Well, a brand new continent.


SuperHeroes Rogier, founder and Executive Creative Director, and Django, founder and Managing Director, were interviewed by Campaign Asia about a development we’re particularly excited about: opening a new office in Singapore!


Read the full interview below.


L-R: Rogier Vijverberg, Django Weisz


Superheroes, an independent creative agency based in Amsterdam, plans to bring its mission of “saving the world from boring advertising” to APAC within the next several months.


The 9-year-old agency, run by Rogier Vijverberg (founder and ECD) and Django Weisz (founder and MD), doesn’t yet have an office (secret lair?) picked out, but is working on recruiting staff and plans to open officially by the end of the year. 


“We’re taking our time,” Vijverberg told Campaign Asia-Pacific in Cannes. “There’s no need to hurry, and it is a big step for us.”


That said, the founders are as confident about their prospects as you’d expect two guys who chose to call themselves ‘Superheroes’ would be. “Historically, somehow, we started to work with quite a few Asian brands, and have been really successful with them in the past couple of years,” Vijverberg said. With its portfolio sporting work for LG (you may remember the 2012 viral video below), Asus, Lenovo, and Yakult, the agency has found that its “friends in Asia” have been asking when it will move into the same time zone. 


The founders wouldn’t say how many people they plan to hire in Singapore, with Weisz noting the focus will be on orderly expansion to meet client needs, rather than growth for growth’s sake. Superheroes employs about 50 people in its native Amsterdam and New York, where it opened two years ago.


“What we don’t believe in is what you sometimes see with a foreign agency, that you just dump a couple of expats in and see how they work,” Weisz said. “You really must do it with local talent as well, because they know the markets and the culture.” 


The agency sees Singapore as an Asian hub, Weisz added, noting that the company is well aware of the opportunities in Indonesia, India, and China. “It’s our first footprint in the region, and we’ll see from there what’s the smartest way to go,” he said.


Europe, with its many countries and cultures in close proximity, is a good parallel for Asia, Vijverberg said. “One of the reasons why our work works in every part of the world, basically, is we’re not into culture-specific ideas,” he said. “What we’re really looking at is what universally connects us. So in our office in Amsterdam, we have about 14 nationalities. In our New York office, we’ve got an additional couple. We work for the Dubai region, we work for the Americas [and for] Asia. And our work just travels.” 


They’re also confident they’ll find the right creative talent in Singapore, though the agency is non-hierarchical and seeks people with a mindset that’s not as valued in major networks. “When we hire, we want them to be vocal, we want them to be proactive, we want them to be independent,” said Vijverberg. And there’s definitely great people in Asia. We’ve met with them and spoken with them.” 


‘So real it’s scary’, for LG, 2012:


‘The alien and the dinosaur’ for Asus, 2016:

What Gen Z thinks of your brand


Last Thursday we organized our fifth edition of HOLLA, our ongoing series of events in which we x-ray today’s hottest communication phenomena, cultures, and trends. This edition: “What teenagers really think about your brand”. During this evening we discussed tech topics and its influence on the lives of young people.


We invited a special Gen Z panel to thin-slice known marketing tools and if they’re still hot or not. Our very own Director of Strategy Jessica Perri and Creative Director Niek Eijsbouts moderated the live debate with the panel and our audience of clients and industry professionals.




On our Gen Z couch were Isabelle Oud, a freelance illustrator and one of the biggest change agents of The Next Web 500. Dennis Voorn, a YouTube Channel Manager at Spinnin’ Records and Operations and Commerce Manager at Scalelab, a digital talent network. And Tim van der Wiel, co-founder and Creative Director of GoSpooky, a creative agency and software platform, born on Snapchat.


The evening was packed with strategy insights and discussions about what really moves teenagers. And yes, we even dropped some buzzwords like “native advertising”, “Influencer Power” and “co-creation”. Oh la laaa!


Stay tuned for our next HOLLA!







SuperHeroes NY has your next blank canvas



Calling all visual artists! From Red Hook to Brownsville. If you’re a Brooklyn visual artist, SuperHeroes New York has got your next blank canvas. Our NY office has bought the back cover of the Red Hook Star Revue for August and September and is giving the space away for Brooklyn artists to showcase their best poster designs.


The Brooklyn Poster Project

The idea for this Brooklyn Poster Project started when a search for a mural artist for new office space came back with loaded results. “Brooklyn is bursting with amazing talent, and this is a great opportunity for us to show some love, and also meet some local creatives for future projects,” says Rob Zuurbier, SuperHeroes partner, and managing director.  


There are two rounds of submissions for this project. The winning design from the first round of submissions will be featured on the back cover of the August issue of the Red Hook Star Revue, while the winner from the second round will be featured on the back cover of the September issue. However, all submitted designs from both rounds will be showcased on the official page along with a short bio of the artist and a link to their portfolio.

Meet our NY Office!

We would like to introduce you to the full SuperHeroes NY team!

Get to know the team members in this quick (and funny ;)) Q&A!






Harriet is the SuperHeroes New York office dog and head of office security.

SuperPower: Looking cute and not peeing on the carpet.

Personal mission: Returning the ball in a timely and efficient manner.

Favorite musician: Snoop Dogg. But only the early stuff, before he got too commercial.





Rob is our managing partner at the SuperHeroes New York office.

SuperPower: Hearing him before you see him.

Fun fact: Owns 4 motorcycles and has a pair of Vans sneakers for every day of the week.

Favorite emoji:  🤙




Beth is client service director at SuperHeroes New York.

Super Power: Seeing what you’ll need before you even know it.

Fun fact: Hosts epic rap battles at local nursing homes.

Favorite quote to live by: “People will forget what you did, people will forget what you said, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”




Yuki is SuperHeroes New York’s essential senior producer.

SuperPower: Fluent in Japanese and anything purple.

Personal mission: To steal Harriet away from the hide-out.

When Yuki is not at SuperHeroes New York she is: Traveling and discovering new things, like that Turkish pizza joint in Queens.





Amanda is SuperHeroes New York’s resourceful integrated producer.

SuperPower: Drinking Diet Coke at 9am.

Personal mission: Adding a bit of culture to the office, like the after lunch siesta.

Favorite song: “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” – Beastie Boys.





Nik is SuperHeroes New York’s super editor who brings our concepts to the finish line.

Fun fact: He’s an amazing musician and vocalist. When he sings, unicorns smile.

Personal mission:

Finding mayonnaise. Eating mayonnaise. And when the jar is empty, make a big deal about how the office needs more mayonnaise.

Favorite movie line: “God isn’t interested in technology. He knows nothing of the potential of the microchip or the silicon revolution. Look how he spends his time: 43 species of parrots!  Nipples for men!…. I mean, are we not in the hands of a lunatic?” (Time Bandits, 1981)





Jelske is the super intern who, after interning at SuperHeroes Amsterdam, joined the SuperHeroes New York hideout.

SuperPower: Using memes as a way of communicating, we’ve never actually heard the sound of her voice.

Jelske’s passion outside of SHNY: Food and photography, but not food photography.

Favorite quote to live by: “Better to be weird than boring.” 





Mike is another sidekick here at SuperHeroes.

SuperPower: Can time travel. Only forward. Very slowly.

Fun fact: Mike got internet famous for throwing a water bottle. It also landed him a Ted talk, and a spot on Youtube Rewind. We’re not jealous though.

Favorite movie line: “Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me.” (Monsters Inc.)





Kirsten is SuperHeroes New York’s Account Director located in Amsterdam.

Life dream: to own a 42-inch sized pusheen.

When Kirsten is not at SHNY she is: Drinking wine with my plants.  

Fun fact: I’ve met Oprah, but she didn’t give me a car



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