Little Black Book‘s Immortal Awards embarked on their international showcase tour in February and have now set up a series of in-house private screenings to continue inspiring creative teams globally!


Last week, we had the pleasure of having Paul Monan (Awards Director) and Alex Reeves (Europe Editor) over to show us this year’s Immortal Awards winners reel.


We got to enjoy the short but sweet reel that was jam-packed with the greatest international creative work from last year. With just 4 Immortal Winners and only 12 further Commendations, the jury made sure that the absolute cream of the crop was picked.

And it showed.


Thank you, LBB!

HOLLA Special: Meanwhile in China…


Limited seats left |||| register now! |||| Thursday 12th, 6-8pm


Did you know WeChat only serves only one or two ads a day? Facebook just announced that it is totally redesigning its platform and its Whatsapp/ Messenger services.

They will probably have to: WeChat is moving into Europe, and that won’t go by unnoticed…


We have a few spots left for our HOLLA SPECIAL tomorrow, focusing on how WeChat is impacting modern-day commerce.


For many Chinese people, WeChat has in no time become a way of living. It is more than a social messaging network: it’s a payment system, a shopping platform, a news service, a transport gateway, and so on. The service is transforming every sector of the economy, from fashion to travel to education.


Feel scared and inspired

This HOLLA we will dive deep into WeChat to get inspired and be prepared:

  • What is WeChat and what is its impact?
  • What does it mean for Western brands?
  • What are the business opportunities?
  • How will it impact Facebook/Instagram/ Google?

Special guest of the evening is Nextport China (specialized in WeChat marketing). And like with every HOLLA, we also open up to having a proper debate.


Join the session & RSVP to !


Thursday, June 13

6.00 – 8.00 PM

SuperHeroes Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 585

Drinks and snacks included.


WANTED: Super Strategy Sidekick

fichier-7white2At SuperHeroes we’re on a mission: to save the world from boring advertising.

And as our mission gets more traction throughout the world, we need more help.


SuperHeroes is an international, digitally native creative agency. We’ve got an awesome team of about 40 heroes – who span 12 nationalities – and an amazing international roster of clients (like Converse, MTV, ASUS, ING, and Coca-Cola).


As an independent boutique agency our creative business approach and innovative set of weapons is attracting a lot of attention. We’re 10-years strong in Amsterdam, 3-years strong in New York City and recent newcomers to Singapore. We’ve got no shortage of ambition and entrepreneurship and let great and smart creative lead everything we do.


We’re looking for a ‘Super Strategy Intern’ to start in September 2019: a problem solver with a flair for communications and the research skills of a detective. This position is for our Amsterdam office and its duration is ideally for 6 months.


*Candidates must be affiliated to a university at the time of their internship.


•    Support the strategy team on, communications planning, customer journey development, and innovation projects
•    Turn data into insights that inspire and rationalize the development of campaigns and executions
•    Support the strategy team on workshops and F2F sessions

• .  Manage social media accounts, including creating engaging social posts, reporting and proposing new ideas

•    Liaison with other agency teams to ensure collaboration in different projects



Desired skills
•    HBO or WO studies in communications, marketing, design thinking, social psychology and/or related fields.
•    Eagerness to learn and contribute
•    Capacity to think holistically about problems
•    Strong written and verbal communication skills
•    A sociable and inspiring personality – people are genuinely happy to see and work with you

•    Fluent in English (Dutch a plus)

•    Being a social media guru is a great plus

•    Being great with programs like Keynote, PP, and Excel also a great plus


What we offer
•    You will get a full-time 6-month internship (starting in September)

•    You will become a SuperHero (isn’t that just awesome?)

•    You will work in our hideout in the heart of Amsterdam

•    You’ll even get a decent lunch at our hideout


Please send your cv and motivation to, or contact Daniel @ 31 (0)20 846 38 06. Let’s fly!


The Strongest Hospital Gowns




Being hospitalised can be quite scary and intimidating, especially when you’re a young kid that’s battling a disease.


Luckily, new SuperHeroes Fede and Diego (in the true sense of the word!) came to the rescue with a groundbreaking initiative that has made quite the impact: The Strongest Hospital Gowns (original title: Las Batas Más Fuertas). To help children cope, to lift their spirits and get them through tough times, no matter what they’re up against.


The duo, who hail from Spain and Brazil, came up with the inspirational idea to get children out of their dull green hospital gowns and give them their own custom hospital gowns. Made out of football shirts. Clever huh?


Panenka, a Spanish football magazine, made it all happen and their efforts of spreading the word truly paid off – ‘The Strongest Hospital Gowns’ went viral! It has been picked up all around the world. Several football clubs and organisations, such as Adidas, Real Madrid, and the Argentinian Football Association (just to name a few), have made known that they’re eager to join the initiative.


Check out everything to know about The Strongest Hospital Gowns on





Marketing, the 2019 Way: How Glossier created a cult following with Gen Z and Millennials


By: Kirsten Cave, Account Director.



How are my eyebrows always on fleek you ask? Introducing Glossier and their game-changing product: Boy Brow.


Glossier is a skincare and lifestyle beauty brand and I’ve proudly self-appointed myself as their brand ambassador because their products are the real deal. Not only do they have a badass female CEO ruling the game, their products last all day and their marketing is diverse and inclusive. In fact, if I continue to spam them with tags on my Instagram I could personally be featured in their feed – goals.


Maintaining loyalty within a cohort of consumers with fleeting attention spans is difficult, but Glossier has managed to generate a loyal following who have driven them to financial unicorn status in just 5 years. So yes, it’s not just me fangirling over their products.


The company has successfully surpassed revenues of USD$100 Million in 2018 and is now valued at USD$1.2 Billion. They’ve been named the most innovative company by Fast Company (2017) and their founder, Emily Weiss, won this year’s Webby Entrepreneur of the Year award. Now that’s a #girlboss.


Their belief in community challenges the traditional sales model – while most companies focus on sales figures in the short-term, Glossier understands their consumers appreciate authenticity and community. Focusing then on an evolved purchasing cycle with WOM at its core, as opposed to quick, short-term sales.


Obsessing over their boy brow D2C marketing model has shifted my needs from a brand:


Rehumanize marketing

Glossier not only listens to feedback but involves their customers in the product development process. They also consider any customer an influencer and feature them on their channels regularly, including a section of their website dedicated to super fans they appoint as brand ambassadors (sadly, not yet me).


DO: Invest in your customers as co-creators and acknowledge the power of user-generated content. Be authentic in your marketing. Don’t forget that fact-checking is just a Google click away.


Enrich the unboxing experience

My first Glossier package arrived in a plain cardboard box, with a big GLOSSIER logo on the outside. I took a picture. When I opened the box, the inside was flooded with a light pink colour and the words “YOU LOOK GOOD”. I took a picture (and they were right, I DID look good). Then, of course, the products were packaged beautifully (read: Instagrammable) and they even came with adorable Glossier stylized stickers to personalize my products. I took another picture and then I posted it all to Instagram. Get it? User-generated content = free marketing, people! And guess what, they liked my post! Dreams really can come true.


DO: Ensure consistency in your brand experience, transitioning from the digital to the physical world. Design products to encourage customer content, focusing on the customer at-home experience.


Speak their language

As an avocado toast-loving Millennial myself, I like brands to have a bit of charisma and to not read off a script when I’m engaging with them. Take a peek at Glossier’s Instagram feed and you’ll get an array of relevant, sassy and alluring content. They quickly reply to customer comments and engage in the conversation.


DO: Digital is great, but don’t be a robot. Consumers want to communicate in their language, your brand should emulate this. Meet your customers where they are, personalize their customer service on their preferred channels.


As purchasing power has shifted into the hands of a new generation of consumers, the landscape has changed. Customers are at the forefront of brand decisions, with the ability to drive the conversation both online and offline. As a brand, encourage conversation, let your customers be heard and then do something about it.


Basically, I’m just writing this post because I really want them to start shipping to the Netherlands…

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