Good company, drinks, snacks and of course, clever things being said and new information being shared!


It was time for another edition of our ongoing HOLLA series in which we x-ray today’s hottest communication phenomena, cultures, and trends. The theme for HOLLA 6 was “Meanwhile in China…”. We focused on how WeChat is impacting modern-day commerce in China and transforming every sector of the economy, from fashion to travel to education. And how it will possibly take over Europe…


After a short introduction from SuperHeroes Managing Director Django, we welcomed NextportChina, China digital marketing agency, and WeChat marketing specialist, as our very special guest for the evening. And boy, no stone was left unturned about this Chinese social media platform that doesn’t just serve as a payment system and shopping platform, but also a news service, transport gateway and more.


Interesting insights, thought starters and perspectives were shared with our audience of clients and industry professionals. To wrap it up, we had a fun little Kahoot quiz ready.





For many Chinese people, WeChat has in no time become a way of living. It is more than a social messaging network: it’s a payment system, a shopping platform, a news service, a transport gateway, and so on. The service is transforming every sector of the economy, from fashion to travel to education.


Will it reach those heights in Europe as well? Time will tell.


Thanks everyone for coming out and stay tuned for our next HOLLA! 

And give WeChat a try yourself of course ;-)




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