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Super Power #83: Iceleration

It’s freezing cold in Amsterdam. And we love it…


Just because it’s beautiful, this geometric illustration byLiam Brazier.

4 out of 5: amazing

A super fast project every now and then can be quite enjoyable. To commemorate an honorable win of the LG Cinema 3D TV over Samsung and Sony, LG invited us to quickly make a short overview of all research facts. In little over a week we constructed this Dutch microsite and short film. 4 out of 5, it’s amazing!

See the results at

400 years of scrolling

Did you ever scroll through 400 years of Dutch maritime history? Another great trip and campaign element of the opening of the new Dutch National Maritime Museum: the microsite Built in HTML5, SuperHeroes created this site boosting smooth animations and great imagery.

Playfully read and ravel about the Dutch maritime history in an innovative animated scrolling style. Did you by accident know the Dutch capture of the Silver Fleet from the Spanish would now have been worth a 100 billion euro? Now that’s what you call a silver bullet…

At the end of the trip, you arrive at the fully renovated museum. Really, it’s awesome, go and see it yourself!

Also this one for Het Scheepvaartmuseum we produced in close collaboration with OneBigAgency and CCCP.

Let’s wash!

Okay ladies, ladyboys and all who like to see six men wearing nothing much more than a towel, this one is a little bit more to you: The LG 6Motion Men! LG is not only the worlds’ number one in washing machines, it also invents some ridiculously fine things for them. Like the 6Motion machine… In 6 different moves the machine massages your wash like your grandmother did. That’s one mighty nice and clean wash!

To demonstrate the moves we don’t just show the shiny white machine. Instead, we chose to add a bit of extra flavour… Have fun with

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