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SuperHeroes NY has your next blank canvas



Calling all visual artists! From Red Hook to Brownsville. If you’re a Brooklyn visual artist, SuperHeroes New York has got your next blank canvas. Our NY office has bought the back cover of the Red Hook Star Revue for August and September and is giving the space away for Brooklyn artists to showcase their best poster designs.


The Brooklyn Poster Project

The idea for this Brooklyn Poster Project started when a search for a mural artist for new office space came back with loaded results. “Brooklyn is bursting with amazing talent, and this is a great opportunity for us to show some love, and also meet some local creatives for future projects,” says Rob Zuurbier, SuperHeroes partner, and managing director.  


There are two rounds of submissions for this project. The winning design from the first round of submissions will be featured on the back cover of the August issue of the Red Hook Star Revue, while the winner from the second round will be featured on the back cover of the September issue. However, all submitted designs from both rounds will be showcased on the official page along with a short bio of the artist and a link to their portfolio.

Meet our NY Office!

We would like to introduce you to the full SuperHeroes NY team!

Get to know the team members in this quick (and funny ;)) Q&A!






Harriet is the SuperHeroes New York office dog and head of office security.

SuperPower: Looking cute and not peeing on the carpet.

Personal mission: Returning the ball in a timely and efficient manner.

Favorite musician: Snoop Dogg. But only the early stuff, before he got too commercial.





Rob is our managing partner at the SuperHeroes New York office.

SuperPower: Hearing him before you see him.

Fun fact: Owns 4 motorcycles and has a pair of Vans sneakers for every day of the week.

Favorite emoji:  🤙




Beth is client service director at SuperHeroes New York.

Super Power: Seeing what you’ll need before you even know it.

Fun fact: Hosts epic rap battles at local nursing homes.

Favorite quote to live by: “People will forget what you did, people will forget what you said, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”




Yuki is SuperHeroes New York’s essential senior producer.

SuperPower: Fluent in Japanese and anything purple.

Personal mission: To steal Harriet away from the hide-out.

When Yuki is not at SuperHeroes New York she is: Traveling and discovering new things, like that Turkish pizza joint in Queens.





Amanda is SuperHeroes New York’s resourceful integrated producer.

SuperPower: Drinking Diet Coke at 9am.

Personal mission: Adding a bit of culture to the office, like the after lunch siesta.

Favorite song: “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” – Beastie Boys.





Nik is SuperHeroes New York’s super editor who brings our concepts to the finish line.

Fun fact: He’s an amazing musician and vocalist. When he sings, unicorns smile.

Personal mission:

Finding mayonnaise. Eating mayonnaise. And when the jar is empty, make a big deal about how the office needs more mayonnaise.

Favorite movie line: “God isn’t interested in technology. He knows nothing of the potential of the microchip or the silicon revolution. Look how he spends his time: 43 species of parrots!  Nipples for men!…. I mean, are we not in the hands of a lunatic?” (Time Bandits, 1981)





Jelske is the super intern who, after interning at SuperHeroes Amsterdam, joined the SuperHeroes New York hideout.

SuperPower: Using memes as a way of communicating, we’ve never actually heard the sound of her voice.

Jelske’s passion outside of SHNY: Food and photography, but not food photography.

Favorite quote to live by: “Better to be weird than boring.” 





Mike is another sidekick here at SuperHeroes.

SuperPower: Can time travel. Only forward. Very slowly.

Fun fact: Mike got internet famous for throwing a water bottle. It also landed him a Ted talk, and a spot on Youtube Rewind. We’re not jealous though.

Favorite movie line: “Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me.” (Monsters Inc.)





Kirsten is SuperHeroes New York’s Account Director located in Amsterdam.

Life dream: to own a 42-inch sized pusheen.

When Kirsten is not at SHNY she is: Drinking wine with my plants.  

Fun fact: I’ve met Oprah, but she didn’t give me a car



SuperHeroes New York, Canon USA create launch film for world’s first AI bounce technology

What do trampolines and photographers have in common? They both love a good bounce.

When it comes to photography, the perfect bounce flash helps give that big-time professional studio look when shooting indoors. However, it’s a technical skill that’s tough to pull off, and just like bouncing on a trampoline, if you aren’t doing it right…it shows.


Bounce like a pro

Bouncing just got easier thanks to the Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI, which features the world’s first Auto Intelligent (AI) Bounce technology, allowing even a novice photographer to bounce like a pro. To help Canon USA introduce the very technical product to their target of mid-level photographers, SuperHeroes New York was tapped in helping create a playful launch film.



Directed by Pete Marquis, the film tickles your funny bone. Featuring Carly Ann Filbin and Sarah Smallwood Parsons, two rising stars from New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade, the spot uses physical comedy and a bit of misdirection to get to the bottom of this whole bouncing thing.

Behind the scenes with Eurojackpot

What does it take to win the lottery? Forget superstitions or lucky numbers, according to our latest Eurojackpot campaign, grabbing that big prize is all about having the winning attitude. Kicking off the 360 brand campaign is the delightfully epic film that encourages you to stop dreaming and start doing, because life is just one big jackpot, and it’s time to cash in. Directed by Nicolas Randall with special effects by Therapy Studios and sound by Squeaky Clean, the absurdly epic commercial is loaded with stunts, fun, and of course… winning.




Shot in the sprawling Mojave desert, just up the road from the famous “Kill Bill church”, the sunrise to sunset shoot was not without its challenges, and not just the lousy WiFi, or lack of facilities.





The biggest ‘oh shit’ moment came after motorcycle broke down right before the big ramp stunt.  Believe it or not, the motorcycle didn’t have a driveshaft when it hit the ramp… 



Big props to the crew and the combined SuperHeroes AMS/NY team who were able to help bring the film to life on such a tight timeline!

Stop dreaming, start doing

What does it take to win the lottery? According to the latest EuroJackpot Campaign from SuperHeroes Amsterdam, grabbing that big prize is all about having the winning attitude.


The 360 brand campaign hits the Dutch market with digital OOH, short films, and retail placements, but it’s the commercial spot that really sets the tone. Shot in the sprawling Mojave desert, the film encourages you to stop dreaming and start doing, because life is just one big jackpot, and it’s time to cash in. Directed by Nicolas Randall with special effects by Therapy Studios and sound by Squeaky Clean, the absurdly epic commercial is loaded with stunts, fun, and of course… winning.


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