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AMS ADNIGHT’17: the Segway Grand Prix

Ad Night 2017


Hang on to your lucky undies, it’s race time!

Join us in our hideout during AMS ADNIGHT 2017 for the SEGWAY GRAND PRIX!


Are you ready for this? Have a good stretch, slather on the Tiger Balm, just make sure you’re here, because we’ve officially challenged you and there’s no backsies.



The event takes place on Friday October 6th, 6.00 – 11.30 PM in our super secret hideout on the Sarphatistraat 49 in Amsterdam. There will be plenty of food and drink, but only one gold medal.


The Grand Prix is made possible by our friends at Segway – with 6 amazing Segway miniPRO’s to race with!


Get your AD NIGHT tickets here


Welcome CLUSE



We are very excited to announce our brand new client: CLUSE!


The international watch brand is one of the fastest growing labels in the world right now.

You may have seen the watches on Instagram by internationally known fashion bloggers like Sincerely Jules, Veronica Ferraro and Negin Mirsalehi. CLUSE built its brand with a big focus on influencer and online marketing.


To build on this success, CLUSE asked us to boost its social media content production, communication and brand strategy.


Rudyard Bekker, CEO at CLUSE; “We recognise the importance of engaging storytelling for brands in today’s rapidly changing media landscape. Our creative campaigns need to stand out from the competition and break through the noise. SuperHeroes is the right creative ad partner for CLUSE because they share our digital native roots, don’t accept the status quo and have an excellent track record when it comes to capturing the attention of millennial women.”


Rogier Vijverberg, ECD at SuperHeroes Amsterdam/New York: “CLUSE operates in a global market and is with its digital focus and investments in social media a great client for us. We recognise their ambition to become a bespoke global brand. There are many great stories around their distinctively designed timepieces the world should know about. And we’re here to tell these stories in the most intriguing way.”


We’re currently working on the FW17 en Holidays campaigns: keep an eye on our social channels, our first work for CLUSE will be released in October.

Regelneef: the no bullshit app

The only thing this app manages is your energy usage, nothing else




For, one of the biggest energy providers in The Netherlands, we developed the name, identity and online introduction for their new app ‘Regelneef’. A name Google Translate can’t help you with, but which means something like “the guy who gets it done”. Your clever little cousin, perhaps?


So what is Regelneef? With this new app every customer can settle any energy hassle straight from their pocket. And the good thing: the app is utterly simple. Regelneef only shows you the important functions you need. It won’t give you a salary increase, connect you to the Dalai Lama or predict sunny weekends. But it can lower your monthly fee, let you chat with an employee and with a smart prediction tool, it helps you avoid surprises on your yearly invoice.


Well done cousin, well done.



Are you with You can download the Regelneef app for free in the App Store or Google Play Store.

HOLLA 4: “High Tech Hide and Seek”


Last Wednesday we organised our seasonal HOLLA event! The theme was “High Tech Hide and Seek”, where we invited three speakers to tell their story on how we are becoming technology.

What you’ve missed? A lot of great stories on tech, like the one from Kees Plattel, who is a creative technologist and was one of the first to people place an RFID chip under his skin. He checked in with us and shared his vision on where technology can take us.



Gillian from the popular lifestyle blog also joined our session. As Tech can definitely be in heels, she proved this with her top 5 of latest tech trends in fashion.


And Galit Ariel who just published her AR book “Augmenting Alice”. She is a renowned speaker on Augmented Reality and recently hosted a talk at the SXSW festival for the Dutch Innovation Platform.


Stay tuned for our new HOLLA event!

SuperHeroes keeps expanding



SuperHeroes is growing rapidly so to keep up with all this awesomeness here’s a quick Q&A of our new team members!


Yulia – digital strategist


What is your personal mission?
To just be a good person – to people, animals, and the planet. I just learned that there are only around 1800 pandas left on the planet! 1800! It makes me really sad.


What emoji do you relate to the most and why?
All types of cute animals. I often associate myself and other people with them.
Here is my gang: 🐻 🐼 🐨 🐯 🦁


Mandy S. – client hero


What are your superpowers?
I can sneeze with my eyes open.


What’s on your Spotify playlist?
Woezel & Pip greatest hits


Malin – junior strategist


What is your personal mission?
To make the world a little bit more glittery. Then retire and become a full-time philosopher.


What IG profile would you recommend to follow and why?
@knashofficial: Six kickass Swedish girls playing partypunk and questionning norms.
Mandy H. – client hero


If your batmobile should be sponsored by one brand which one would it be and why?
The Mandarin Hotel Group’s Cake Shop, because their Rose Petal jam is to die for! Smear it on a warm, natural scone with clotted cream (yuuum..)


What are your superpowers?
Reading micro expressions because it is not possible to hide them ;) (they are 1/5 of a second!)


Long – graphic designer


What IG profile would you recommend to follow and why?
@Fruit_stickers, they just keep doing a very tiny simple thing, but everyone will find their own joys when they look at this profile.


What emoji do you relate to the most and why?

😂   It’s difficult to express, but it always happens: cry and laugh at the same time.

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