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New client: Scotch & Soda!

Time for a Super Heroes make over: we’re all gonna be turning into super hipsters :). We are proud to announce our newest client Scotch & Soda. The Amsterdam fashion brand is growing and flourishing, conquering the world with it’s Amsterdam Couture. It has already 30 stores worldwide, and is continuously opening up on new locations.

We’ll be helping Scotch & Soda in creative campaigns in social. Plenty to talk about, plenty to create. This is one brand to follow. See more on and don’t forget to Like ’em on

New Super Girl Intern!

Well we have a new intern in the SuperHero office – meet Katryna, our new design intern!

“In a nutshell, Im an American studying in Sweden, interning in The Netherlands. I’m a fresh graduate in traditional design from Ringling College of Art & Design and I’m now studying Digital Media at Hyper Island in Sweden. I have a passion for graphic design and typography – and loving the new world of digital and interactive design! Hailing from the great state of Texas where everything is bigger, I’m here to work with big ideas and do big things!

So about figuring out my very own superhero name…. Im going to have to go with Deathwish. Long story short – a 7 year version of me loved gymnastics, but wasn’t the most graceful of the bunch. At Hyper Island they always teach us to “dare to fail” – and I like to think Iv always had that in me. Im SUPER excited about my time here at SuperHeroes and the exciting projects to come! This clumsy Deathwish is going to try and do some damage”.

See more of Katryna’s work here:

3D Cinema Commercial: The Hand

SuperHeroes is proud to announce that we have a spot that’s showing in cinema theatres, but it’s also being screened in stereoscopic 3D! That’s right, if you’re lucky enough to be in the Netherlands you should go to the movie theatre and see the spot!

Being the nice guys that we are, we’ve included a non-3D version for your viewing pleasure.

The Nationale Bioscoopbon (the Dutch Cinema Gift Voucher) logo/branding has a hand coming through the silk screen that gives you a voucher for a free entrance. Our main idea was to show where the hand comes from, and to give the hand some personality. Not only is this a twist on the Bioscoopbon’s past commercials, but it sets a fun and playful tone not seen before.

Enter our protagonist, a man who will do anything to launch his career. As it happens, his first gig is to dress up as the hand that’s attached to an enormous slingshot. Next to him is his manager, who not only assures him he’ll be fine and it’ll be a big hit, but also places the larger-than-life replica of the voucher into the Hand costume.

What you see next is the hand ripping through the silkscreen – quite a sight when looked through 3D glasses.

Being on set was a lot of fun – a quirky atmosphere due to a huge hand around us, and the excitement of shooting in 3D. Bonus fun for being able to preview the 3D on the spot!

Here’s a behind the scenes we shot and edited – enjoy!

Mini Heroes!

We’ve taken our SuperHero avatars and made them 3D! The plan is to start incorporating the icons as side elements in our branding, as well as create a few scenes that showcase different SuperPowers.

For now, here’s our Alien Hero protecting our very own planet Earth from an incoming asteroid!

For the curious, our motion/3D hero Fred wrote a nice write-up on his blog regarding the technical aspects of the 3D models.

Stitch Yourself

Remember our friend Stitchy? The new Facebook campaign for TakeCareNow! (the youngster brand of health insurer Agis) is up and running with already more than 4000 fans. After the adventures in Mexico that left him scared for life, Stitchy now wants to make sure you don’t do the same. Or at least not without the proper health insurance of TakeCareNow!…

SuperHeroes and YoungWorks have now launched a second app in the Stitchy campaign. Wondering what your face would look like with a few stitches? The good news: you don’t first need to be run over by a Mexican truck. Just Stitch Yourself in our app. We’ve seen some really funny and creepy pictures already. Are you next?

Stitch yourself here.

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