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SuperHeroes at Adobe XL

SuperHeroes had the opportunity to be at the Adobe XL event. Organized once a year by Adobe, this is a one-day event where a whole lot (almost 4000!) of creatives gather to get inspired, share knowledge and just get together.

Highlights of the day included Roger Stighall & Daniel Ilic from North Kingdom presenting the work they did for the Swedish Armed Forces, a rather entertaining Photoshop lesson by Adobe’s Senior Creative Director, Russel Brown, an inside peek into Pixar studios by Shading Art Director Belinda van Valkenburg as well as an in depth view of Arabic Typography by Arabic Type extraordinaire Thomas Milo.

We were especially excited by Pixar’s presentation **top secret, no photos or videos allowed**, where we gained insight into the creation and development of Pixar’s well-loved animated productions such as Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3 and (my personal favorite) Ratatouille. It was impressive how much time was spent getting the details right, from getting the right colour and iridescence on Nemo to the texturing of the buildings of Paris in Ratatouille. Once again we find that the difference between something good and something amazing lies in the details. The dedication of Pixar’s teams to getting to know the subject matter the were working on impressed us greatly. For instance, the core team working on Finding Nemo had to learn how to dive so that they could observe fishes in their natural habitat.

We were especially jealous of Pixar’s studio, it really is a creative wonderland! Maybe we need to have a cereal bar too…

A visit to Adobe User Group: From Scandinavia with Love


SuperHeroes loves Sweden. Not only because Ämeli happens to be both Swede and SuperHero, but also because of all the good things that come from there: knäckebröd, kalles kaviar, Abba, the Swedish Bikini Team and not to mention some of the best interactive companies now happen to be Swedish.

Fantasy Interactive, B-Reel, Perfect Fools and North Kingdom were on stage at the Adobe User Group and presented some selected case studies, shared good insights and anecdotes about work environment, work ethics, different creative approaches and production ideas, as well as some sneak peaks and behind the scenes footage that hinted what is necessary to create a top notch project.

Above everything else, they all highlighted that collaboration is king and that keeping everybody motivated, on the same page and pushing on the right direction is most important to get things done properly; paying minute attention to the details and putting love in every pixel comes next; having fun and loving what you do right after that. We just agree.

Lovely dance, Spiderman

Once we lived in a world of GIF. Those were the days.

Spiderman dances

Interactive Pre-Rolls – Whitepaper

Fresh news today: we initiated a large scale research project on interactive prerolls. Together with Sanoma Digital, Metrixlab and Lassie. The press release will be sent in a few minutes.

We have very interesting findings: Among other things, the whitepaper shows that interactive prerolls performed 4 times better than standard ones on brand recall + top of mind and showed 8% click rates.

Oh yes, we got Zeptonnized

In the back of our SuperHeroes HQ we have a small room. The walls are black. So we used to call it: the Black Room. And sometimes: the Dark Room. But you know, after some time this room got a little bit too creepy. It was time for some Action. And hell yeah, why not do it great. Check it now. Big thanks to Zeptonn (and our friends ShopAround)!

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