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Keynote at Cannes Lions

Last week we flexed our SuperHero muscles at the Cannes Lions by being featured on Be-On’s keynote speech on Measuring Emotions.

What is this about measuring emotions, do we use that to save the day?

In a nutshell, our latest viral for ‘STAGE FRIGHT -So Real It’s Scary II‘ for LG has been pretested with very innovative emotion detection software, using a webcam to actually read emotions connected to the film to the second.

We are proud to present this clip of the keynote, where they explain the effectiveness of the ad and its peak moments, as well as explaining how users will voluntarily connect with viral videos and their emotional responses.

Our LG film performed extremely well, outperforming 92% of all virals, and being also tested against viral hits from the past. The audience response proves the results!
There’s a lot to tell on this subject – our creative strategist Felipe is happy to tell you more about it. 

Converse ChuckT9000: the sneaker with Drone Support

Last month was an experimental month playing with fashion and technology. As members of Creative Social we were invited by Converse and Google+ to bring our most resourceful, clever, absurd ideas to life by rethinking a pair of Chuck Taylors. From hovering shoes to digital painting, we narrowed it down to one playful idea.

Imagine this scene at a festival near you: You’re having the time of your life with your friends, but then the inevitable happens. You loose everyone in the sea of flesh and blood. No use in waving, screaming or calling. What to do?

We introduce to you:

Chuck T9000. the first sneaker in the world with drone support.

So you never lose your friends again.

Just kick to activate and the drone is there for you. Hovering above your head until you are found. Say what!? Is it magic you might wonder! Check out the introduction video and discover the Chuck T9000.

How it works:

An RFID chip is placed in the shoe. This chip communicates with a multiple point triangulation system that knows where you are to within a meter. Now the Drone will follow you, even if you’re in a crowd. All you’ve got to do is kick to activate and it’s there for you hovering above your head until you’re found.

Discover more behind the scenes – testing, failing, learning – on Chuck T9000’s Google+ page. Enjoy!

So whats next? The future looks bright and fun.

Brought to you by: Loudmouth, Magic Bullet and SuperHeroes

Bronze Esprix!



And yet another win for LG So Real It’s Scary! A bronze Esprix, awarded by two nuns in a former church. Hallelujah!

STAGE FRIGHT: behind the screens…


Now that Stage Fright: So Real It’s Scary 2 already got to 5,5 million views (in just 5 weeks!), it’s about time to show you a bit more of how we shot it. And because so many people were asking for it – we wonder why… – we also present a special ‘behind the screens’, of what the men were actually looking at in the toilet. We say: enjoy!





Another epic win on the awards front! This time SuperHeroes and LG won a SAN Accent for the So Real It’s Scary campaign. The SAN is an advertisers award: it’s the marketing bosses of all big advertisers in Holland rewarding not just the most creative work, but even more so the most effective work. The jury called it a brilliant idea, with a strong execution. <<blush>>

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