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Mini Heroes!

We’ve taken our SuperHero avatars and made them 3D! The plan is to start incorporating the icons as side elements in our branding, as well as create a few scenes that showcase different SuperPowers.

For now, here’s our Alien Hero protecting our very own planet Earth from an incoming asteroid!

For the curious, our motion/3D hero Fred wrote a nice write-up on his blog regarding the technical aspects of the 3D models.

Stitch Yourself

Remember our friend Stitchy? The new Facebook campaign for TakeCareNow! (the youngster brand of health insurer Agis) is up and running with already more than 4000 fans. After the adventures in Mexico that left him scared for life, Stitchy now wants to make sure you don’t do the same. Or at least not without the proper health insurance of TakeCareNow!…

SuperHeroes and YoungWorks have now launched a second app in the Stitchy campaign. Wondering what your face would look like with a few stitches? The good news: you don’t first need to be run over by a Mexican truck. Just Stitch Yourself in our app. We’ve seen some really funny and creepy pictures already. Are you next?

Stitch yourself here.

SuperHeroes wins at the Webby Awards!

Webby Awards Honoree

We’re pretty darn happy to announce that two of our projects, Vodafone Lucky Calls and Rivella Kicks & Thrills have been awarded as official Honorees from the Webby Awards 2011.

The Webby? Yes! the Webby is the Internet’s most respected symbol of success and recognition that puts us in the esteemed group of industry leaders such as Google, Facebook, Twitter,, or NASA. Pretty cool, huh? :) And what the heck is an Official Honoree? you might be asking yourself now. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s a precious diploma gifted to the best submissions of The Webby Awards, just a little 10% among the 10,000 entries over 60 countries worldwide. High five!

The Next Kilo

Don’t know yet when it’s coming up, but SuperHeroes will be part of the Next Kilo of KesselsKramer, we think the greatest Dutch International communications agency. A New Kilo picks up where the previous 2 Kilos of KesselsKramer left off, with lots of assorted category-defying oddities. For The Next Kilo we are now working hard on a new interactive campaign for dutch telecom Ben. It will most likely shake a few heads as well…

Still interested in the old stuff? Order A New Kilo here


A Dark and mysterious figure, presumably a clown, strolling around a rundown factory.. Who is this guy anyway? And what’s the 18 doing on his hat, stencilled all over the country? We’ve  just realised the teaser of a new SuperHeroes campaign coming up, in close collaboration with Youngworks

Who Stitchy is? And what’s gonna happen? Befriend Stitchy on Facebook here.

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