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“We Met Online”

The increasingly common answer for how couples met. Online dating has been around for a decade now, but only now are we openly embracing it.

The stigma has been washed away by the sea of new apps. Technology now directly impacts our relationships, whether you admit it or not. With most people spending the majority of their day online, is it any wonder we’re using that time productively to find our future Mr/Mrs Right?

But if you think ‘poking’ someone or writing a cryptic tweet is the way to do it, think again. We now live in a world of instant gratification, taking our time is something we apparently don’t do anymore.

Take Tinder, the dating app where you simply swipe left for no, or right for yes. A ruthless, but quick, process of elimination. Suddenly the realisation hits that choosing THOSE profile pictures could have just cost you your first date.

All of my single friends were quick to sign up. Being obsessed with social and new apps, but in a relationship; I couldn’t help but feel I was missing out. Online dating just got cool, and singletons had joined the hottest members club.

With over five million users, and reports of Tinder weddings, it seems this fast paced, social dating scene is a success.

How we connect has changed. Yes, it can be superficial. Judging someone’s profile picture, “checking in” on that romantic dinner or Instagramming flowers from your boyfriend. It’s funny how you never receive a Snapchat during the latest argument. And let’s be honest, that selfie you took the other day wasn’t for you.

We’re all guilty of self-promoting ourselves online for other’s appreciation. #noshame #firstworldproblems.

With one friend married from online dating, another in a new relationship from Tinder, and the fact I’m a hopeless romantic…online interaction can enhance people’s lives for the better. It just means those stories you tell the grandchildren about how you met will now feature dating apps, rather than meeting at the local youth club.

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Google+ and why brands would be stupid not to

To Google+ or not to Google+? That is the question. Google+ has been banded around in certain circles as the ‘next big thing’ for the last few years…so why hasn’t it happened yet?

With the fate of the long-term front-runner in social, Facebook, being analysed on a daily basis, 2014 may be the year when Google+ finally lives up to the hype. Brands have been slow to wake up to the benefits that this platform can bring to them but, if you are still in the ‘Google What?’ camp, there are a few compelling reasons why you need to get on-board, and quick.

1) Building your fan base

“Your Google+ page helps you build a loyal fan base.” At least that’s Google’s hook line to convince new users to sign up.

A loyal fan base is what every business wants to achieve. But if they’ve already achieved this on other platforms, why do they need Google+ as well?

With over 300 million active users, that’s a large amount of potential new fans.

2) Share in the community

Google Hangouts satisfies the need for instant interaction, but is still a feature not being used to its optimum potential, especially with businesses choosing to interact over Skype. BUT, it’s not a feature Google+ needs to heavily rely on to attract new users.

The desire to share content is on the verge of being treated as a full-blown addiction for social media users. That need to be the first to share the coolest new viral, or an upcoming event, or to show how ‘fashion’ you are. Ratings, reviews, ‘+1’s,’ are all ways Google+ allows users to share and endorse content.

3) Optimising SEO

How is this different to sharing on Facebook? Well, Google+ has the magic seed of SEO on its side. People searching for your business don’t even need to be on Google+. Google treats your page as a normal webpage, meaning it will appear in normal Google results.

The same applies to hashtags. Each hashtag used on your page will be included in SEO searches; a no brainer when choosing whether to use them in posts.

4) Bang for budget

The family bond between Google and Google+ means your page doesn’t have to be updated incessantly – old content will still appear in searches. This is a major advantage over Facebook, whose organic growth relies on fan engagement for content to remain in news feeds. The only alternative is to invest in paid media. Something that Google+ doesn’t need.

Of course, Android is one of the best brands on Google+, being born from the Google family itself. It’s got hashtagging down to a fine art, and with the help of its apps, it is able to create cool content.

Undoubtedly swayed by my love of chocolate, my personal favourite brand to follow is Cadbury UK. Animated GIFs, indulgent recipes and the #CadburyKitchen G+ Hangouts, this account will have you drooling over your keyboard!

At Superheroes, our primary experience with Google+ has been setting up global brand Diesel’s page. With nearly 900,000 followers recruited since March 2012, it’s already become a valuable channel for the brand. Follower growth has increased every month since, and it is regularly the top performer of all the channels that Diesel uses. Google+ has allowed us to experiment with content such as animated GIFs, which are not compatible on other social channels. The page is also easy for for fans to find when searching for anything related to Diesel, on Google.

Do I have a Google+ account? Sure, but I’m not really an ‘active’ user. On a personal level, unless you are trying to self-promote, I don’t think Google+ adds much to your social community life if you are fine with Facebook.

But, for brands, it’s a must. Free SEO, a huge community and the fastest growing social platform of the moment. You would be stupid not to sign up.

This blog has also been featured on Brand Republic! POW!

FWA Site of the Day!

An early Christmas gift yesterday: the interactive film we made for LG received an FWA Site of the Day.

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays from your favorite SuperHeroes!

It’s the time of year to drink and be merry. So here’s wishing you the happiest of holidays. May your glass be full and your browsing history be naughty.

This year was amazing, but we can’t wait to cause even more mischief next year… 2014… The Year Of The Superhero. So squeeze into that reindeer sweater, pass the eggnog and have a very SuperHeroes Christmas!


It’s a common conception that men can’t multitask right? Well here at SuperHeroes we were ready to put that theory to the test. Our latest film ’So Viral It’s Scary’ documents an experiment with an award winning film director called Don Arnold, turning a video game store into a haunted house. Can unsuspecting gamers handle the horrifying distractions, or it will it be… game over?

As the film director plans to use scare tactics, including hidden compartments, killer dogs and psycho clowns to prank his victims,  the joke is well and truly turned on himself. You know, even with the perfect multitasking tool (the LG IPS 21:9 UltraWide monitor), it’s still not easy to going viral J.

Global viral hit ‘So Real It’s Scary’

‘So Viral It’s Scary’ is the next installment of our successful ‘So Real It’s Scary’ viral prank series. The previous films in the series have collectively gathered over 45 million views and counting.

Prankvertising is the future?

Not really. But we do enjoy it and the public as well – in the first two days we’re already on 1,8 million views again! Prankvertising itself however,  is only the future if it keeps on adapting. We responded to the challenge by turning the prank on ourselves. So what’s next?

The film was directed by Carl Sundemo from Hobby Film.

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