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A new hero on the block… We’ve signed creative director Niek Eijsbouts to take a key role at our Amsterdam hideout. Prior to joining SuperHeroes, Niek built a great reputation at agencies such as KesselsKramer and Belgian communications shop Happiness Brussels.

Niek himself: “I love independent agencies, because you can’t build creativity on annual reports. That’s also why I love joining SuperHeroes. Since the start there’s been digital creativity at heart, finger-licking executions with the right collaborations and a prosperous ground for side projects.”

Welcome Niek!


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It’s coming


Yes, it’s coming!


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Bring out the popcorn: here’s your new dating app!

The recent surge in mobile dating apps has made meeting new people more accessible than ever. Research also suggests, it stimulates one-night stands and casual encounters. But despite all this, finding someone to simply spend quality time with at home, is still proving difficult.
We proudly present our newest project by our innovation unit  Super Powered:Netfling – the app that brings dating and binge-watching together.

The mechanism behind the app is simple: upon gathering information on a user’s most-watched TV shows and films, Netfling will display other users that are potential matches. Nowadays, binge-watching TV shows together is a key element in relationships. Selecting Mr. or Mrs right  based on favorite TV shows could make the dating game a little more cozy.

Netfling is an inspirational concept by our innovation unit Super Powered. The unit superpowers everyday objects and creates its own slew of projects and ideas to stir up the status quo. Another recent project by Super Powered was the Type to Design web tool, which recently featured all over the globe.

Want to connect?

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SuperHeroes launches GreatQuestion! – – – The digital first PR agency


We’re happy to present GreatQuestion! 

Our new digital first PR agency – part of the SuperHeroes group.

Great Question logoGreatQuestion! has been established in order to help brands bridge the – increasingly blurred – gap between PR and social, and bring an extra shot of creativity and innovation to both disciplines.  Influencers are no longer simply journalists and bloggers, they can be anyone within their own social circle. The agency brings together a team of experts to answer the new demands of communicating effectively with an increasingly online audience.

GreatQuestion! as a PR and social media unit is about more than checking boxes. It’s about going above and beyond in terms of integrated working. To help clients make sense of the blurred lines between PR and social, and bring extra creativity to both fields.

Leading by example, Paula den Dunnen (former communications director at Tesla) sums it up: ‘With GreatQuestion! we extend PR to the level of you and me. We have developed a signature approach in which we seamlessly integrate PR, social and events. From generating expert reviews by journalists and bloggers to inspiring personal stories of prospects and fans; we don’t leave any source untapped. 24/7 interacting everywhere, we’re on it.’

Oh, you bet they’re on it. 

Want to connect? Ask them any question here:


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Type to Design


Sometimes you stumble upon something you can’t wait to pick up yourself. So we proudly present

Creating a new typeface is one of the most difficult and rewarding disciplines in a designer’s world. Our designers were really excited by the #36daysoftype challenge on Instagram, and wanted to highlight the thousands of kick-ass designs that were submitted. The project invited designers and artists to unleash their creativity and create letters and numbers in a unique way and upload them to Instagram.

The idea was to create a tool that creates a randomly generated font from the #36daysoftype characters. Simply type in your text and design your own little art piece with letters picked from the challenge. Type it, design it, hang it on your wall.

Easy come, easy go :).

Big thanks to our heroes Ola, Chris, Krister and Vilhelm, and not to forget our innovation unit Super Powered!



**UPDATE**  We’ve taken over the web… , ,

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All hail the artist


You can’t unleash the creative spirit without opening up to it. Every month Converse and Foot Locker release an ‘Exclusive’ – a Chuck special only for sale at Foot Locker. And of course these need love on all social channels. So for the past 6 months we’ve invited in amazing artists from all over the globe to share their interpretations on the sneakers.  We’ve recorded each trip and art piece and have collected some great examples down here.


Adrian & Gidi


Micha de Bie



Tape Over




Zes & OWOW


Tape Over






Tape Over


Tape Over





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The Best Gift Ever

The idea was simple. Crash a few children’s birthday parties with the LG CordZero disguised as a gigantic birthday present, and see what happens when it gets unwrapped. This playful prank might seem like a recipe for the world’s biggest temper tantrum, but what follows had all the parents in the room thinking the same thing – ‘That’s fu**ing genius!’

LG_Cord Zero_Image_04

So…what’s in the box?

After an initial moment of confusion upon opening the strange looking birthday present, the kids quickly put the CordZero together and are delighted at how fun sucking things up can be. Popcorn, balloons, even birthday cake! It was all fair game.

LG_Cord Zero_Image_09

The complaint that cleaning is boring may be as old as dirt itself, but as these cute kids and LG prove once and for all, cleaning can be super fun too.

A new global campaign theme

The film kicks off the new global campaign from LG in Korea under our new overarching brand message ‘Let’s Make Cleaning Fun’. The campaign is currently being rolled out online and in OOH in Taiwan and Korea, with the rest of the world following soon.

LG_Cord Zero_Image_12

Director of the film is Rick Lenzing from In Case of Fire.


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The power of Chi

With enough will power, one can find anything.
Even the invisible.


ASUS approached us last year to develop a manifesto for the launch of a brand new 2-in-1 device: the ASUS Transformer Book Chi. In Taiwan and China everybody is very familiar with the meaning of Chi, but in the west it is not too well known.


We dove deep into Chi, this invisible energy. And we found it in China, in its most rural province: Hunan.


The film was shot with Revolver’s very talented director Seb Shueti  (never seen someone so delighted to witness the pure air and the rising mist every morning) and DOP Thomas Buelens.  Enchanted by breathtaking views – which were actually also used in the movie Avatar –  the whole crew was amazed by the serenity of the place.


At the CES in Las Vegas the ASUS Chi was launched on stage by ASUS’ chairman Jonney Shih.


Want to know something special? The SuperHeroes design team actually also developed the Chi logo which is now the global trademark of the 2-in-1 device. Awesomeness guys!


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Welcome to China


(the ‘behind-the-scenes’ adventures of Dimitri in China)

Nee Ya, Nee Ya !

I have no idea on how to write it. I have only a fair idea of how to pronounce it. But I have a pretty clear idea of the chinese meaning behind this expression :

There There.

There, where carrying a moped on your back while already driving a moped is okay.
There, where the locals take a picture of you taking a picture of a dried cat hanging in front of a restaurant, as the menu. There, where the Wifi is 100Mb/s but where the access to Google is denied.

Welcome to China, deep China.

The beauty of doing a production abroad is the discoveries you make during your journey. You come back to the agency with great work, more valuable and genuine, and loads of souvenirs. And sometimes, rabies. But not this time. This time we got lucky.

First stop, Shanghai, often described as the Asian New York. Which is pretty true, except for some details: it’s pretty impossible to find a cab, and if you do, chances of the driver speaking english are close to 0. It’s okay to spit on the street too, and the pollution is extreme. Shanghai is a joyful mess, where it’s hard not to find what you’re looking for.

Next stop, Zhangjiajie. Wait, where ?

Zhangjiajie, Avatar filmset style. Where the fog arises at 6am, beautifully covering the mountain range. Where the monkeys are wild, and chase you during location scouting. Where there’s the 2 second snake: a snake which poison could kill you just like that. Where the woman dance after lunch, as a digestive.

Where the landscape keeps to amaze too. In Thomas’ lens, (Thomas Buelens, DOP) the surroundings barely look real. Beauty reigns here, amidst the mist and the rocks, and Shueti (Seb Shueti, director) rises before the sun to capture it, raw and wild.

On our next stop, still in the province of Hunan, we found ourselves in a majestic Bamboo forest, with Philippe, our actor, practising Tai Chi. Didn’t take a lot of time before I asked the Tai Chi master some tricks, impressing Clio, our Asus representative on set, and Severien, super producer from the agency.

Next stop, Schiphol. Already 9 days. We came back to Amsterdam with a manifesto we are all proud of and happy to present at the 2015 edition of the CES. And with so much more knowledge about this magic energy : the Chi.

We also brought back some nice pictures, but not too many, because spoiling is not really our thing here at SuperHeroes.

IMG_6134 IMG_6084


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Over 19 million Modern Birds!

Our modern birds have spread their wings and have flown all across the world! That’s already more than 19 million views… And what’s especially cool about our tufted titmouse Edward is that this wasn’t accomplished with just one central film: this time we released a film in a great number of languages, to straight away get local Christmas shopping traction.

The birds have taken flight

From the Emirates, Taiwan, Brazil to France, Spain, Germany and Italy: Edward seems to have quite the knack for language. It does raise ample questions about the contemporary definition of virality (decentralized virality?)

Aside from feverishly following the responses to the campaign, we’ve had an amazing time listening to all the new voices for our avian superstar being put up around the world. Here’s some versions for you to enjoy:

German : Der modernste Vogel der Welt

Italian : Scopri Edward il più grande fan del T100

Brazilian (Portugese) Pássaros modernos

French Rencontrez Edouard, un oiseau moderne




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