Entering the viral video chart


Ad Age viral video chart


Mac Lethal and ASUS are proving to be infectious combination. We’re only one week into the launch of the campaign and we’ve already gathered an aggregated 13 million views!


Is it all organic? Heck yeah, media buy was planned but has only been very mildly used yet. What’s really driving the growth is shares and likes. Have a look at the comments on the videos – we’re blushing :-).


We’ve only just begun. Hopefully next week another jump in the ranks.



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What happens when a speed rapper gets low battery?


The low battery alert. It’s a sound that pumps the brakes on weekend plans and brings business to a standstill. The standard reaction is to speed up the conversation, which often works, but could also end up with you throwing your shoe at someone on the subway, like this unfortunate commuter.


Luckily, low battery anxiety will be a thing of the past, now that ASUS developed the ZenFone Max, a phone that gives a brain-wrinkling 38 days of battery life. So to help us introduce the ZenFone Max and poke fun at all this unnecessary speed talking behaviour, we brought in speed rapper, Mac Lethal.


Mac Lethal has gained YouTube notoriety for his lightning fast lyrics and ability to articulate whole sentences faster than most of us can sneeze. With Mac playing the part of a low battery victim, we created a hidden camera setup which has Mac finishing up his conversations like only a speed rapper can; to the delight and bewilderment of nearby shoppers and bystanders.


The film is part of a larger “No Need to Rush” 4 week global campaign, for which we have created an extensive lineup of social and online content, including Mac Lethal’s instructional videos on how to order pizza on low battery, or even wish your mom a happy mother’s day.  


Keep an eye on ASUS’ social channels to make sure you catch every superbly swift syllable!



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Webby’s Type to Design on TV



Last night we were honoured to talk about our Webby Nomination for Type To Design at Holland’s biggest daily show “De Wereld Draait Door”. Our art director Ola Syse and creative director Niek Eijsbouts got to shine for a million people crowd.


We still want your vote for the People’s Choice Award. So be a good lad and help us win a Webby. Vote here for Type To Design.


Watch back our item on the Webby’s during DWDD:


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Webby Nomination Type to Design


Type to Design has received a Webby Awards nomination! Also known as ‘the Oscars of the Internet’, it’s a great achievement for this project that started out of our passion for the 36DaysofType.


The Webby’s also have a people’s choice award. So everybody: please click here and vote!






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Rules don’t rule anymore



Kinki is an iconic brand. For 30 years they’ve created hair cuts for independent people – frontrunning every possible trend. Today we’ve launched a new campaign celebrating the brand, underlining it with a clear statement: if you can’t accept others being different, deal with it.


The campaign is a stage for all those authentic people out there as well as a showcase for Kinki’s expertise in hair fashion. The rebellious attitude completely fits the Kinki state of mind. There are no rules, laws or borders. It’s your decision who you choose to be and if haters comment, then here’s your reply: ‘Deal with it’.



The film is directed by the young Swedish filmmaker Maceo Frost (25) represented by the Amsterdam based production agency Revolver. Maceo gained experience in creating documentaries, short films and music videos around dancers and dance collectives. His talented eye for light and movement is reflected in his work for Kinki.


Niek Eijsbouts, creative director of SuperHeroes Amsterdam: “Nowadays a lot of fashion brands tell us to be ourselves, to be independent, so we wanted Kinki to continue to stand out as it’s renowned for being rebellious. With ‘Deal With It’, the hair salon chain has the guts to silence those who still put people in boxes.” 


Our close friends at GreatQuestion! made sure the PR and social roll-out went as smooth as getting a color rinse.


Follow Kinki on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kinkikappers/

Or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KinkiKapper/








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Spot-a-Superhero at Creative Review


Creative review screenshot Marieke (Best of the Web


Our very own super-strategist Marieke Dekker can now be found at Creative Review!
She will be satisfying our collective appetite for internets by curating FWA’s massive selection of cases on a monthly basis in Creative Review’s best of the web section.


Whilst you’re making your first brew of the day, Marieke will be wading through the deluge of slush the net unrelentingly throws at us. When you’ve found your seat, your therapeutic ball or superiority cloud with matching standing desk; Marieke will have dug out the golden nuggets of the interwebs.


So when you’re ready to ingest some infobahn, just pick up Marieke’s blog at Creative Review.

Go get it, right now and monthly from here on out at:








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We’re Going BOS




We have a new client! BOS Ice Rooibos has chosen SuperHeroes and our sister agency GreatQuestion! to superboost their growth in Europe. You may not have heard of BOS yet, but you will soon: BOS is the fastest growing brand in Europe’s Ice Tea category…


Not just an ice tea

In its home country of South Africa, BOS rose to legend status in record time, leveraging colourful ‘Afro-pop’ to bring a brand new style to shelves. Recently BOS also struck a deal with retailer Albert Heijn, granting it access to 900 points of sale in the Netherlands, which is the opening salvo to conquer France, Belgium, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.


We’re going BOS

Marie van Niekerk, BOS’ marketing director mentioned: “We love the approach of SuperHeroes to save the world from boring advertising and we also believe in creating ways of engagement with our audience that brightens up your day and is above all lots of fun!”


Expect to see a lot more from BOS near you this summer…




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Saving the world #2: Kristof Luyckx


We’re rapidly spreading our mantra ‘Saving The World From Boring Advertising’. After last month’s world premiere of Gijs van den Berg, this next contribution is from Belgium. The renowned animator/ illustrator Kristof Luyckx from Partly Fiction made some razor sharp work. And without spilling a single drop of blood.


His piece would easily fit on page 3 of the Daily Bugle from March 1, 1954. But Kristof wouldn’t be Kristof if he not also turned it into a cool video. This 17 second animated beauty exactly represents what we mean when we talk about advertising that is always on repeat and never paid attention to. However, don’t forget to pay attention to the small details in this one. Enjoy.




This contribution is part of a new visual series we run in 2016. We’re asking artists, art-directors and designers from around the world to create a visual that answers one triggering question: “How to save the world from boring advertising?”

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How to turn creative idle time into something meaningful

Greece. Refugees and migrants arrive on the shores of the island of Lesbos after crossing the Aegean sea from Turkey


By our creative director Niek Eijsbouts.


Going door to door for fundraising is undoubtedly a thing of the past. Unless you are a girl scout selling a box of cookies, walking up to a stranger’s door to ask for money is a strange thing to do in this day and age, however charitable the cause may be.


Some NGOs and charities have understood that, embracing the modern world of fundraising and turning their face towards online crowdfunding. But the charity industry has become immensely competitive as both big and small players are out trying to win hearts and money.


Getting in front of a new audience can be an even tougher one to crack, especially when the audience doesn’t watch TV. As an NGO that’s busy with giving emergency aid in crisis areas and no time for marketing and communication, how can you reach a new audience such as millennials?


That’s where we come in as creative agencies. Our creative idle time – that moment when you’re stuck between four different campaigns and need to wrap your head around something else – is perfect to work on briefs for NGOs.


Using creativity and design for a good cause is not exactly new, but it can certainly shine a different light on a crisis and open the window to a different target audience.


A project we’ve worked on recently, called ‘Refugee Emojis’, does just that: the emoji keyboard, originally created for Medécins Sans Frontières, turns the traditionally shallow language of the Emoji on its head with a set of 36 emojis representing items that refugees actually need. These range from practical items to symbolic ones, each visualised in a language that we use on our phones every day. The new approach and the easy to use way of donating by simply downloading the keyboard made it very popular amongst young peopleAlready in the first days it raised over a thousand euros with both iOS and Android downloads.


It got picked up by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and a couple of weeks later we launched our version 2.0 for the United States. Things can fly fast if they are fueled by creativity.




Working on a creative brief for an NGO can often allow agencies to take more risk than they would with their own clients, whether that means raising awareness, changing the public opinion or even better: raising funds.


Make it small, keep it easy and build on human behavior


Many times, the most simple and effective donation campaigns are also the ones that raise the most free publicity. If it taps in on universal human behavior, a broad spectrum of media are more likely to pick it up. And so it happened with the following campaigns.

Remember Tap Project for Unicef by Droga5?



A simple way to ask a small amount for a glass of water in a restaurant, something you would normally get for free. It also played on the feeling of going out for a fancy dinner while some of us have nothing.


And then there’s the Rag Bag from DDB Stockholm:



It recently won silver in the design category at the Eurobest festival. Like with the Tap Project, when you’ve bought something for yourself, you’re more likely to give something away too. Especially when they’ve made it super easy to donate.


A whole different way of fundraising, is to do it with stock photos and Animal Copyrights by Cheil Madrid for WWF:



People searching for stock photography were now triggered to use photos taken by animals. Instead of buying a ‘normal’ photo, why not buy the one from an animal and support WWF. The photos and videos are great social and PR content too.


Forget about awards


Creating campaigns for good has become infamous for being too much award-focused. But awards should never be the one and only driver for creativity. Great human insights that will solve a problem should. And if we would all stick to that, we would really help any NGO further in their way to raise even more donations or getting new members.


Embrace universal recognized emotions and create for good!


Photo credits: UNHCR/Achilleas Zavallis

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Walking the walk, with Easywalker


We’d like to introduce our new client with a warm welcome: Easywalker.A company well on their way to becoming world’s most innovative stroller and buggy brand.


Following a successful pitch we’ve been selected to work as Easywalker’s brand new comms agency. Nicolaas Bloemer, managing director at Easywalker cited our “comprehensive approach and international creative spirit” as the means to help achieve Easywalker’s goals for the future.


Easywalker strollers and buggies are available in over 40 countries across the globe and the brand doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Easywalker is striving to become the world’s most innovative stroller and buggy brand. In line with our philosophy that smart creative and continuous collaboration will outperform media buys, we’ll be revamping many of their communications efforts.


We will be front and center in the process of introducing Easywalker’s new products scheduled for release this year. Check out our social media channels for all the exciting developments to be announced soon!



Facebook www.facebook.com/hellosuperheroes/

Twitter https://twitter.com/_SuperHeroes

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/superheroes_amsterdam/

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