September 18, 2014

Hundreds of crazy pieces of content. Dozens of exclusive gigs tickets and provocative opportunities across Europe, all tailored around an online instrument named THE TICKET. Together with Converse and Anomaly Amsterdam we’re happy to present you our latest creative project: SNEAKERS WOULD.

Timed against the launch of the Fall 2014 Converse All Star sneaker collection, SNEAKERS WOULD is encouraging creative spirits to cast aside their inhibitions and choose an exciting, spur of the moment path.

The innovative interactive platform The Ticket – a Chrome and Firefox extension - is bridging the gap between Converse’s fans online and a vast array of impulsive, “now-or-never” opportunities in their cities. The Ticket is transforming boring parts of the Internet into an exciting world of sneaker opportunities and content like films, games, GIFs and images. Those who are always willing to live in the now will benefit the most.

The #sneakerswould campaign is inspired by the rebellious ethos of the Chuck Tailor All Star. It will pop up to users unpredictably in London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam throughout the months of September and October.

Transform your Internet right now - #sneakerswould

Download The Ticket here:

Sneakers Would
June 16, 2014

Pretty cool stuff going on around the SuperHeroes hideout. Together with our good friends Ben & Julia, our very own founder Rogier Vijverberg is giving a Keynote speech at the 2014 Cannes Lions festival. The topic: 'Make Innovation Feel Fluffy'.
Here's the fluffy new poster :).
June 5, 2014

Another kick-ass project in the back of the net. Yeah, that’s right, we’ve made a World Cup campaign for LG - the only one you need to play this season. One Second of Fame is an interactive Facebook game set to put football fan tekkers* to the test. It captures the nail-biting excitement that one well-played second can unlock, and challenges football fans to predict in what second will be scored – their very own One Second of Fame.


With 5,400 seconds in a match, every second counts.  The game will run throughout the group stages of the World Cup and will also be available on mobile. Lucky players will be awarded with a number of premium LG prizes. So, start looking into the stars!

Super Chris, mega motion Fred, and spandex loving Nando and Krister, joined forces to make the game come alive on screen. Our friends at Magic Bullet developed the front- and back-end. Our social team has also created a full social targeting plan to make the game the most shareable world cup game on Facebook! So what are you waiting for? Roll the dice and visit


May 30, 2014
The Innovation Culture: Don’t think of the future, develop it.

The subject our SuperHero Creative Strategist Felipe Câmara has chosen for his main stage slot at this year’s MarCom conference in Amsterdam.

On 3-4 June 2014 marketing and communication industry professionals come together to be wowed by the latest gadgets, innovations and ideas. There is also space to share knowledge, with topics such as strategy, digital, e-commerce, innovation, technology and mobile, tackled by those in the know how.

With digital innovation developing as one of the cornerstones of today's society, the challenge of being the innovative trailblazer has grown. We cannot predict the future, but we can develop it. What will be your role in the innovation culture? Felipe argues that in order to become, and stay, the frontrunner in any industry it’s vital to nurture a culture of innovation within your company.
How do you stimulate people to think about tomorrow, think of ideas and make them happen?

We nurture our own innovation culture here with our SuperHeroes lab. Dedicated time is set aside for our Freaky Friday sessions, the brain child set up to inspire the office to develop the next innovative gadget, app or installation. With so many digital minds coming together, it's not wonder we already have some very exciting new SuperHero projects in the pipeline!

We also love to invite outside inspiration into the office, to feed our insatiable appetite for new insights.  At least once a month we invite a fellow creative, designer, or innovator into our hideout to share their projects, knowledge, and theories with us. Have an exciting project your working on? Why not get in contact and be our next inspirational speaker! Send us an email: You can hear Felipe’s thoughts at the conference on 4th June 2014 11:25 - 11:55 on the ADFO main stage.

Despite our work in the hideout being top secret, our SuperHeroes occasionally enter the real world to share their knowledge of their special digital power.

Tomorrow, our Motion Graphics Lead and VFX Supervisor, Fred Huergo, will grace the keen creative students at Multi-Mania in Kortrijk, Belgium with his presence.

The annual conference brings together designers, developers, entrepreneurs and creative new media students. The main outcome of the conference is to get inspired, share knowledge and connect with the creative community. We love everything the event stands for and Fred is very excited to add to the students’ experience.

His topic? The magnetism of motion graphics: the attractive force linking art and technology. While motion graphics has always been a mash-up of creativity and technology, Fred argues that the future lies in the marriage of these two disciplines and will even reveal his recipe to generate 3D pasta using mathematical formulas.

If you’re attending the event, you can see Fred on 20th May 10:45am Room 2. Or watch the live stream.

With the buzz around Cannes Lions hotting up, we can tell you some very exciting news!

Our Creative Director Rogier Vijverberg, will be covering his spandex suit with something a little smarter, to address the audience at Cannes. Yes, that’s right, Rogier has been invited to share his superpowered wisdom, knowledge and thoughts with the world brightest minds in the beautiful French city!

Together with our Swiss/ French artist friends Ben & Julia (who we worked with for Diesel), Rogier will discuss and visualise his topic, Make Innovation Feel Fluffy.

Technology is improving the world. But will it make our lives more enjoyable? To do so, we SuperHeroes believe tech needs to become more humane. Is this something we can really expect from the tech geeks? Or is it the collaboration of artists and advertising that will humanize innovation? Our Cannes keynote will show how bits and bytes and nuts and bolts can be replaced by creativity and feathers.

Bon Voyage Rogier!

Going to Cannes? You can catch the talk Thursday 19 June 15:00 - 15:45 SUPERHEROES: MAKE INNOVATION FEEL FLUFFY

With so much talent bursting at the seams of our Sarphatistraat hideout, it’s no wonder some of our SuperHeroes also have special personal projects. We know what you are thinking, how do they fit it all in?! A SuperHero never tells, but the myth of time travel may need to be reconsidered...

The latest project comes in the form of a new EP release by Art Director Quentin Deronzier, known under his music producer alias as Island Kizhi.

Great stuff Quentin!

Want more Island Kizhi?
April 16, 2014

Our Creative Director, Rogier Vijverberg spoke to FWA's Rob Ford about all things SuperHeroes related - from creative inspiration to his "ultimate vehicle to travel in."

Read the full interview here:

In July last year, we told you about an exciting project we worked on with some other very talented creatives; the Creative Press Challenge for the Volkskrant Dutch newspaper.

We are very pleased to announce, the project won the Art Direction ADCN Lamp Award, at this week’s award ceremony, held at Paradiso.

Kudos to our fellow heroes in making the award winning project, including Director Corriette Schoenaker and Creative Direction from Thijs Biersteker, who’s currently riding waves in distant waters - not that we’re jealous...much...damn it.

We contributed our post-production and VFX superpowers to the project, with amazing technical wizardry coming from the SuperHeroes motion graphics department. All the hard work, certainly paid off!

Big high five to all involved:

Director: Corriette Schoenaerts
DOP: Hessel Waalewijn
Creative director: Thijs Biersteker x Nomadic
Copy writer: Pieter van den Heuvel
Art Department: Dirk & Hans x Jelier & Schaaf
Light: Mick Durlacher
VFX: Superheroes Amsterdam
Editor: Will Judge x The Gentlemen's Club
Grading & compositing: Scott & Lise x Glassworks
Audio post & sound design: JONS
Music: Amp.Amsterdam
Production: Yasmin x UNIT c.m.a.
EQ: 711 Rent, Golden Eye
Studio: Allard Studio's
Special thanks: Cam-a-lot

Our latest project is live and it’s so fashion, darlings!

We teamed up with the Boijmans van Beuningen museum and the Han Nefkens Foundation to create a new online experience, The Future of Fashion is Now. The website coincides with the exciting exhibition launching in the ‘fashion city’ of Rotterdam, Fall 2014.

In a nutshell, the exhibition will showcase fresh fashion talent scouted by international talent scouts and jury members such as Victor&Rolf, Karin Swerink and Vassilis Zidianakis. Each young designer has been commissioned to design high fashion pieces to showcase at the exhibition and online.

Here’s where we come in! We’ve designed an online platform launched untraditionally before the exhibition has opened; a space for the next generation of fashion designers to express their views of modern day fashion. Like minded fashionistas are welcomed and encouraged to join the discussion platform with these future influencers and create a hotbed of fashion notions.

With our super powers of time travel on our side, we can tell you that the future of fashion is unwritten but holds endless, exciting possibilities. It’s time to act now and have your say alongside the future faces of the industry.

Fashion never ends, and neither will this website. The discussions on the website will become art themselves as they will be part of the exhibition. In addition, the site will remain live after the exhibition ends, as a continuous fashion discussion platform; rich with opinions of the future pioneers of fashion.

Want to have your say? Visit the website here:

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