10 Years of SuperHeroes



We celebrated the party of all parties: 10 years of SuperHeroes!!!!!¬†ūüéČ

What a crazy fun ride this last decade has been… and what a crazy Friday night it was. We’re still buzzing with excitement (or should we say recovering ūüėČ) from a full night of festivities!


The night began with a heartfelt speech from SuperHeroes founders Django and Rogier.

Noteworthy highlights, unforgettable memories, eventful stories, and emotional tearjerkers were recounted. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, and thankfully, they were just happy tears. Much to Django and Rogier’s surprise, they were presented with a one-of-a-kind gift: a tandem!


After that great speech the party really started to rock when band Indian Askin literally rocked our socks off with their head-banging performance.


Next was DJ Cream, who got partygoers flaunting their best footwork with his selection of groovy beats. To give guests that extra liquid courage for the dance floor, the guys from V2C Gin had gin and tonics flow freely all night long.


Many eternalized the night by snapping a couple of shots in the balloon-filled GIF booth and all guests took home one of the coveted goodie bags.


No police officers showed up on our doorstep this time, but we damn sure had a blast.

We can’t thank everyone enough –¬†all¬†SuperHeroes, ex-SuperHeroes, Sidekicks, ex-Sidekicks √†nd plus ones – for celebrating this milestone with us. On to the next 10 years!


If you’re brave enough to check out all the funny, silly, cheerful, fabulous and not so fabulous (joking!) party pics, do so¬†on our Facebook page.


Last but not least, check out this tribute from the guys who started this whole thing:


‘Never a dull moment’: we’ve said it so many times.¬† Starting your own agency is one for the crazy ones. It’s an endless stream of exciting victories and pitiful losses; of difficult and sometimes painful decisions and a non-stop flow of stuff, and more stuff.


But who cares? It has been amazing! We’re so proud. Going from two young men to becoming a thriving independent agency with 50 Heroes from all around the globe, plus an office in New York and soon Singapore as well… wow.


Are we done yet? Hell no. When we started, we said: ‘Screw it, let’s do it.’

And that’s still what we fully believe in. We want fame. We want to be the most fun and best agency to work with. We want to give each and every one of our clients the time of their lives.


We, SuperHeroes, are on a mission to save the world from boring advertising. So many exciting adventures are waiting. But first, thank you all Heroes, Sidekicks, partners, and clients so much for the past ten years.


There’s no way we could’ve done it without you.


Let’s fly!


– Django & Rogier






SuperHeroes develops the first international campaign for Swapfiets



The iconic blue front tire can no longer be missed in our street scene. Swapfiets is widely known in the Netherlands in the cycling cities in the Netherlands. To further expand their success, Swapfiets and SuperHeroes Amsterdam are launching an international campaign to tie the cycling ‚Äėyoung professional‚Äô to the brand with the addition of the new Deluxe bicycle.


Not just in the Netherlands, but in more than 20 cities in Belgium, Germany and Denmark where Swapfiets is active.


It is the first international brand campaign for Swapfiets and its subscription-bicycle proposition. The essence of the campagne is that Swapfiets unburdens you. You no longer have to worry about repairs or maintenance of the bike, so you have the freedom to do all the other things that you find fun and important. Naturally, the iconic blue front tire stands out in all the colorful images.


The campaign consists of an extensive outdoor campaign in the cities concerned. There is also a digital campaign with a strong focus on social storytelling.



SuperHeroes Amsterdam appoints Marc Pieterse to Head of Strategy


Marc Pieterse has been appointed to Head of Strategy at SuperHeroes Amsterdam. He previously worked as a Strategy Director at Ogilvy and N = 5. Marc started in advertising 15 years ago at N = 5, where he developed into an impassioned brand strategist on accounts such as KPN, Mercedes-Benz, and Marktplaats.


Marc was responsible for the famous Telfort campaign that transformed the brand from a price slasher into a full-fledged brand that customers could greatly benefit from.

After a year of working on campaigns for Netflix, Essent, ASUS, Eurojackpot and energiedirect.nl at SuperHeroes, and learning to understand digital buzz words, he was appointed to Head of Strategy.


“So much is happening in the world of advertising and that change is really embraced here. We now call ourselves the ‘post-advertising ad agency’ (wink, wink ;))

With the combination of the agency’s digital DNA and my solid brand strategic background, we offer brands a magical combination of strategic superpowers full of innovation and with a strong focus on creating¬†awareness for the brand in the current fight for attention.

At SuperHeroes we have the ambition to really advance the profession”, says Marc.


Founder/managing director Django Weisz Blanchetta adds: “Our Amsterdam Strategy team is accelerating quickly with Marc at the helm. Together with Geoff Desreumaux, our strategy lead in New York, we have developed a strategic and creative approach which is having an impact both in the Netherlands and globally.”

“I love the internet, especially when it doesn’t take itself too seriously”

Rogier Vijverberg of international creative agency SuperHeroes was the curator of ‘Random Pic(k) Of The Day For A Week’.




For a year now, Nils Adriaans has been asking people who work in the advertising industry to curate his column ‘Random pic(k) of the day’ for a week. “I post a visual/film/music video/poem of his or her choice and a brief explanation on why they chose the excerpt on my Facebook page.” Additionally, Nils has been gathering all the contributions of his curators on Adformatie every Friday.


This week, Rogier Vijverberg, ECD and co-founder of SuperHeroes Amsterdam / New York / Shanghai (the only Dutch international creative agency), was the curator for the week.

“Back in the day, before we had three hours of screen time on our hands, the Internet was our main source of interactive entertainment. We’ve lost it a bit in the¬†frenzy of Instagram and YouTube, but I still love the internet. And certainly when it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Forget all the crazy internet and hateful comments or the deadline that is waiting. Just randomly click on a couple of buttons for 5 minutes. Or you know what, slap someone in the face with an eel? That’s great. I’ve chosen a few of my personal Internet favorites over the years.”


Here are the five contributions from Vijverberg:


1. Like fish?


Eel slap.




2. It’s way more fun to find what you absolutely don’t need¬†


You can go to bol.com or Coolblue.nl and find what you probably need. But it’s way more fun to find what you absolutely don’t need. The website thisiswhyimbroke.com is full of useless gadgets and freaky products.




3. Google for pointless websites


If you don’t feel like searching for useless things, there’s luckily also a Google for pointless websites. Click on the Bored Button and see hundreds of interactive websites.

Disclaimer: it’s addictive, sorry.




4. Infinite viewing pleasure


Okay, this one’s a little more serious. There’s a lot disappearing from the Internet, but Archive.org is our collective Internet memory.¬†The Prelinger Archives¬†is part of the website. Here you’ll find thousands of American videos from 1903 ’til the present day. And not just the famous blockbusters, but everything. From home movies and government movies to old road trips. Infinite viewing pleasure.




5. Rafa√ęl Rozendaal


Rafa√ęl Rozendaal has been my favorite web artist for years now. Websites as colorful artworks in which you can lose yourself for a while, but also legendary guilty pleasures such as Paper Toilet. He now builds interactive installations all over the world, but also remains true to his roots. Check his latest work here: Some Still.






Originally published on Adformatie.





Good company, drinks, snacks and of course, clever things being said and new information being shared!


It was time for another edition of our ongoing HOLLA series in which we x-ray today’s hottest communication phenomena, cultures, and trends. The theme for HOLLA 6 was “Meanwhile in China…”. We focused on how WeChat is impacting modern-day commerce in China and transforming every sector of the economy, from fashion to travel to education. And how it will possibly take over Europe…


After a short introduction from SuperHeroes Managing Director Django, we welcomed¬†NextportChina, China digital marketing agency, and WeChat marketing specialist, as our very special guest for the evening. And boy, no stone was left unturned about this Chinese social media platform that doesn’t just serve as a payment system and shopping platform, but also a news service, transport gateway and more.


Interesting insights, thought starters and perspectives were shared with our audience of clients and industry professionals. To wrap it up, we had a fun little Kahoot quiz ready.





For many Chinese people, WeChat has in no time become a way of living. It is more than a social messaging network: it’s a payment system, a shopping platform, a news service, a transport gateway, and so on. The service is transforming every sector of the economy, from fashion to travel to education.


Will it reach those heights in Europe as well? Time will tell.


Thanks everyone for coming out and stay tuned for our next HOLLA! 

And give WeChat a try yourself of course ;-)




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