Directed by you: The Alien and the Dinosaur


Dancing dinosaurs, beach blizzards, and an alien in disguise? These are just some of the ideas one can expect, when you invite people on the streets of New York to come up with the perfect commercial to launch the ASUS ZenFone 3. In a daring ‘streetsourced’ campaign from our SuperHeroes Amsterdam team, the global launch film, The Alien and the Dinosaur, relies on the creativity and improvisation of Saturday morning window shoppers, farmers market enthusiasts, and guys walking their dogs in the park.





Fronted by Matt Rubano and Betsy Kenney, two rising stars from New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade, we collected hundreds of commercial ideas from everyday New Yorkers and distilled them into one great ad for the ZenFone 3. The final film, directed by HALAL’s Nils Gerbens, combines the best commercial ideas into one amazing story – with a pretty wild ending, which ultimately caps off with what Creativity Online calls:

“Possibly the greatest end line we’ve heard in an ad recently.”







The Alien and the Dinosaur is part of a global introduction campaign for the incredible ASUS ZenFone 3 smartphone, which wants to empower users to become anything they want. The online film will be followed up with additional films and user generated content, all with the starting point of giving fans a stage to show off their potential. Next to the digital campaign we have also developed a global manifesto TVC and out of home campaign.

WANTED: Super Client Director


At SuperHeroes we’re on a mission: to save the world from boring advertising.
And as our mission gets more traction throughout the world, we need more help.


SuperHeroes is an international, digitally native creative agency. We’ve got an awesome team of about 40 heroes – who span something like 12 nationalities – and an amazing international roster of clients (like Converse, MTV, Nike, Heineken, ASUS, ING and Coca Cola).


As an independent boutique agency our creative business approach and innovative set of weapons is attracting a lot of attention. We’ve opened up an New York office and are closely looking at Asia as well. We’ve got no shortage of ambition and entrepreneurship and let creativity be leading in everything we do.


We are looking for a ‘Super Client Director’: someone to foster client relationships, assess client business opportunities and also to manage new business. We want you to not just be a creative partner for our clients, but also to be a true business partner. This position is initially for our Amsterdam office, but regular travel is to be expected.


You have on-going communication with a number of selected clients to oversee all running projects. You make sure our service levels are top-notch and keep teams on client and hero side motivated and happy.


•    Manage the client relationship, gain trust and happiness
•    Make sure that projects are on time, within budget and to international quality standards
•    Build the business, both on client side and agency side


Professional skills
•    Min of 5-7+ years of experience in client relationship management at an ad agency somewhere in the world
•    Very strong written and verbal communication skills (fluent or native English)
•    Service oriented, hands-on and a good understanding of business and commercial issues
•    A sociable and inspiring personality – people are genuinely happy to see you.
•    Able to work independently and balance multiple tasks
•    Love for innovation and non-traditional advertising


What we offer
•     You will get a fulltime job
•     You will become a Super Hero (isn’t that just awesome?)
•     You will work in one of the 30 most coolest offices in the world, in our hideout in the heart of Amsterdam
•          You’ll even get a decent salary.


Please send your cv and motivation to before October 15th, or contact Django @ + 31 (0)20 846 38 06. Let’s fly!

Remastering the Internet


To highlight the audio and recording capabilities of the LG V20, SuperHeroes NY and LG USA continue their mission to Remaster the Internet.


In April last year Michael Senatore’s talent show video ignited a huge internet hype: water bottle flipping. The video resulted in hundreds of copies from all over the world. We took the original footage from Senatore’s performance to new epic heights, by remastering it into one smooth R&B gig with the LG V20 smartphone.




“What better way to pay tribute to the virals we love, than to remaster them with modern technology?” says Rob Zuurbier, managing director of our Williamsburg based shop. The campaign is one smooth musical tribute, that aims at the heart of the Internet audience.


This campaign is as smooth as it gets. We kicked it off with a smooth remaster of Damn Daniel only a couple of days before Epic Bottle Flip.



The original film features two high school friends, one of which offers daily narration on his buddy Daniel’s fresh fashion skills. This giggle inducing viral took over our damn lives in no time, despite being shot with vertical video, crackling audio and shaky camera work. A perfect piece to get remastered.

And within less than 10 days, we went over a 14 million views mark with both videos. They got shared over sixty thousand times across channels.




All remastered films feature the original creators alongside an over-the-top 90’s R&B group, who lovingly serenade the pair as they smoothly reenact the viral. To really prove the audio and video recording capabilities of the LG V20, the films and vocals were recorded with the device.


But there’s more to come! You better keep ears out and eyes open for these fellows.






If we ran the Clinton campaign


In the midst of the recent boom around Hillary Clinton’s health issues, the daily Dutch tv-show ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ asked us what we would do if we were Hillary’s campaign manager.


In no-time our Amsterdam headquarters turned into Hillary’s war room and we created a 30 second campaign commercial. It made the news and word on the street is, it even reached all the way to Clinton’s real campaign director.



Anytime Hill, anytime!


(Watch the full length tv-item in Dutch)

The X-Ray: Camiel Bulder



We are very happy to present to you our new SuperHeroes. In this blog series you get to know more details about every one of them. Let’s start with Camiel Bulder, strategist, who came over from KesselsKramer.



What are your superpowers?

“I have this rare condition my friends call Camielopedia, which sometimes causes me to blurt out random trivia about any given subject.”

What is your personal mission?

“To use data for inspiration instead of validation.”


What’s on your Spotify playlist?

“Under ‘Recently played artists’ are listed: Chassol, Hall & Oates, Frank Ocean, TLC, Charles Mingus and Fetty Wap.”

Which visual artist do you get inspired by?

“My life has never been the same since I walked into Mirosław Bałka’s installation ‘How it is’ in Tate Modern seven years ago.”

If your batmobile should be sponsored by one brand which one would it be and why?

“Sell it to the highest bidder, so probably”


Which apps are in your iPhone’s bottom row?

“Phone, Safari, Gmail, Messages. Most frequently used apps in my first screen are Wunderlist, Instapaper, Downcast and the ING app.”


What would you ask Elon Musk when you sit next to him in the Hyperloop’s first ride?

“Did you know that a human head weighs eight pounds?”

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