HOLLA: Young people create ‘like’ their own language


Wednesday night (25th of November) we hosted together with CrowdDNA a dynamic session about youth culture. An evening to unravel the myth of youth and advertising. Why do young people like or dislike our ads? We unraveled some amazing insights indeed ;)

CrowdDNA is a cultural insights and innovation agency, based in London and Amsterdam. Lydia (CrowdDNA) presented their findings on youth and advertising which is based on social, influence and off course communication.

This was a great discussion starter for Rogier and Niek (SuperHeroes) who did some myth busting with a panel of youngsters. We invited Jamairo, Jesse, Klaas, Naomi, Shalisa, Alexander and Bas (aged 15-21) to give us some insights in their beautiful brains.


With statements like “Privacy is important for me” we fired up the discussion between the guests and the young panel.

And guess what, young people are indeed very conscious about what they put on social media: “Everything I put online, I ultimately assume that people can look at it. If i wanted it to be private, I wouldn’t put it online” Bas said.



Here’s another interesting one, about YouTube advertising. Unlike Facebook, where they are scrolling through their timeline, young people search for specific content on YouTube. The prerolls, the mid rolls and all the other ads are not appreciated at all. “When I see a YouTube ad, I mute it and switch to another tab until it’s done” Naomi told us.


Being online is the same as breathing air and drinking water for young people. It’s such a given, they don’t know anymore what it feels like to be offline. Yes, being online on your mobile is also as normal as bread.

Unsurprisingly, the representatives of the brands were very curious if the girls and boys also shop their favorites online. Well, most of them indeed shop online, BUT to a certain amount and also certain products. Fashion is hot but the girls still wanted to feel the fabric in their hands and to try it on. The guys did shop on their mobile, or at least do research on their mobile. The more expensive the product, the more likely they go to the physical store to finish the purchase.


Influencers and celebrities
We said: “Bloggers are more important than celebrities” and this statement caused a stir between the young panel members. Jesse said that “bloggers are the new celebrities for the generation after us” and Jamairo thought that it’s cooler “to see a celebrity wearing something on their own volition, rather than bloggers pushing content marketing on you”.
From the audience the all known question was asked: “But how do you guys feel about the fact that the bloggers are (mostly) paid to talk about that brand?”
If a blogger has the right approach to deal with the brand in his article, we’re totally okay with sponsored messages.

Video registration of part 1:


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HOLLA: a grand shout-out to youth culture

SuperHeroes and Insight & Innovation Agency Crowd DNA will be organizing HOLLA, an exclusive seminar on youth culture.

During this evening we’ll discuss the latest trends and current cultural context of young people’s lives. How do 18 year olds use their devices? What moves them? Which brands are reaching out and who is failing? And how will our campaigns keep up with them? So much mystery, so many interesting answers.

This event is invite-only. Do you wish to attend? Holla at us and share your best reason why you can’t miss out on this.

RSVP to holla@hellosuperheroes.com

HOLLA takes place on November 25th, from 18.30-21.00hrs at the SuperHeroes hideout, Sarphatistraat 49 Amsterdam

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8 steps to conquer hearts with Instagram Advertising

instagram_postOctober this year Instagram finally rolled out its advertising possibilities platform to every advertiser in every country. They started off slow, taking all the time to test and optimize and for the Instagram users to get accustomed to the sponsored posts. Since then, Instagram Advertising has taken flight and is becoming a very relevant and interesting platform to serve your message.

So before you start, what do you need to know?

  1. Don’t create ads. Create relevant content.
    Instagram users never asked for ads. They use it by scrolling through interesting visual content that fits with their world. They pay attention if there is a match with their ideas or their lifestyle. They don’t pay attention or even start trolling if some brand interferes with their daily habits.
  2. Always think like your ‘target group’
    Start with defining your target group on Instagram. Are they present on Instagram at all?  Then find out exactly what they like, who they follow, how they interact. Unlike Facebook, hashtag research is a great method here.
  3. Message > visual
    Define your message and find a creative way to visualize it, in one image, in more images or in a video. Great visuals is a MUST on Instagram, far more so than on Facebook. And never forget your target audience. For whom am I creating this visual+copy? Why would they <3 my post?
  4. Customize your bio
    Customize your bio based on your current campaign message. With your posts, you will gather more followers, give them the correct information they need that first moment. The greatest expression of their Instagram love is that they will start following you.
  5. Keep your copy short 
    Keep your copy short, best is not to see the ‘read more’ with the inevitable 3 dots…
  6. Crowdsource your content.
    On Instagram crowdsourcing your content is like an unwritten rule. Search for a great visual within your target group and give that photographer a stage. Or ask your followers to submit photos and create a campaign around that.
  7. Either they love you or they hate you.
    Start with a small budget, experiment, and very important: keep track of the comments. On Instagram people either love you or hate you for your advertising. They tag their friends to share your post, or they post negative comments and will never want to see anything again.
  8. Instagram is not a standalone.
    It’s nothing new, but here’s just a reminder: a social media channel is not a standalone for your marketing campaigns. Whether you have a tiny message to share about an event, or it’s an always-on story for brand awareness, always try to find more ways to reach your target audience. Not just with one square photo and a few hashtags on Instagram.

On every social channel the relationship you build with your potential customer, your follower is fragile and you need to cherish it. So optimize your Instagram ad campaigns, monitor them closely and know what to do when a post is not performing as you were hoping it would.

Interested? Want to know more?



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Refugee Emojis: official launch

Refugee-Emojis_LogoRecently our Amsterdam hide-out was filled to the brim with people with a kind heart. To raise awareness and visibility we hosted a special night for Refugee Emojis: a set of 36 emojis that resemble the needs of refugees. In collaboration with keyboard artisans extraordinaire: Snaps we created an entertaining means for people to not only show their support, but also share their efforts with friends by way of emoji. All proceeds from people downloading the keyboard are donated directly to Médecins Sans Frontières.

With drinks, music and some bites we reminded our friends and surroundings what Refugee Emojis are about. Médecins Sans Frontières was so kind to stop by and share their thoughts on the projects with the selected company who attended the event.

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to everyone who came out to the event and spread the word about our efforts to help the refugees at home and abroad.

Here’s a short recap of the night:
Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 16.24.33Special thanks to BOS Ice Tea, Grey Goose, Red Bull and Heineken for the drinks and of course to all who came out to support!

You can still download Refugee Emojis yourself and support MSF here.

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With global media coverage ranging from Wired, Hypebeast to the TheNextWeb and so much more, Type to Design has received amazing feedback. So we’ve made a short case video about it. More than 150.000 unique visitors have already typed and designed with their very own Instagram font, generated from the 36 Days of Type project. And you know what most of them typed in? Their name. It’s the new selfie!

Type here: Typetodesign.com

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Refugee Emojis: donating as easy as downloading an app


Refugee-Emojis_Keyboard_rainToday sees the global launch of the charity initiative Refugee Emojis, an emoji keyboard and website, created to support Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). The Refugee Emojis are aimed at raising donations and sparking debate around the daily struggles faced by refugees, among a millennial audience.

The emoji keyboard, developed by three creative parties brings a set of 36 emojis representing items that refugees actually need. These range from practical items, such as female sanitary products, to symbolic ones, including a hug and a listening ear, each visualised in a language that we use on our phones every day.

All profits from downloads of the keyboard will be donated directly to Médecins Sans Frontières. At this moment there are over 60 million people fleeing conflict or persecution around the world. Médecins Sans Frontières provides refugees with services ranging from emergency medical care, shelter, water and sanitation to psychological assistance. In refugee settings and other emergencies, its teams also help women give birth safely and vaccinate children to prevent epidemics.

The keyboard can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play for only  €1,99.  All net revenue goes directly to Médecins Sans Frontières, to help support their work for refugees worldwide.

Download the Refugee Emojis keyboard on www.refugee-emojis.org



The Refugee Emojis were initiated by SuperHeroes Amsterdam, in close collaboration with mobile messaging developer Snaps and design portal TheFWA. All pro bono, THANKS GUYS!!

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We found a small corner in our hideout to secretly prepare a new showreel with our latest work. Here you go: 90 seconds of  pure pleasure!

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Beps Whatsapp

“Prinsjesdag” is a yearly happening in the Netherlands when the government presents its budget plan. But these numbers and figures have gotten increasingly incomprehensible for the average Dutch person. We felt it was a problem worth tackling for ING, one of Holland’s largest banks.

We introduced Bep’s Whatsapp: a streetwise, mature lady who loves the royals and knows how to handle her own wallet. And by connecting through Whatsapp, she was able to explain the national budget plan to anyone, in her very own language.

From her personal headquarters at the ING main office she really came to life. Using her own witty wisdoms and backed by our crack team of financial experts, she was able to answer over 3.000 questions. Within a few hours her chats found their way through the web reaching more than a staggering 1 million impressions on Facebook and Twitter in just one day.

Bep helped people from all walks of life. Whether they’re a young mother in a small town or a bar owner in the capital, worrying about taxes. At its peak, Bep chatted with more than 2.100 people on a smorgasbord of questions. 

ING hit a real nerve by using WhatsApp as a personal medium. This allowed participants to come forward with very personal questions without being exposed to the public, like on Twitter. The character of Bep reinforced this face to face nature of the interactions. And most importantly, the ING’s expert advice was told in an engaging way.

Long live Bep! Hooray, hooray, hooray!



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The 9 best ads picked by our creative director


More About Advertising featured our creative director Niek Eijsbouts with his pick of campaigns that influenced him throughout his career.

Rumour has it the ads were unofficially curated by Seinfeld’s homeboy George Costanza. Guess we’ll never know, but his pick surely is funny.

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Happy End of Holidays!

Meanwhile, in the hideout…
With most of the SuperHeroes returning from holidays again, a few of us decided to have some fun and make a short welcoming film. Heartwarming, that’s what it is.

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