Looking for: The Creative Director

At SuperHeroes we’re on a mission: to save the world from boring advertising.

And we need some help.

We’re a digitally born and raised, but ever evolving creative agency. Jokingly we often call ourselves the Super Agency. But actually, we’ve got a pretty awesome team – which spans something like 12 nationalities – and an amazing international roster of clients (like Converse, LG, ASUS and Coca Cola).

We’re also growing. As an independent boutique agency our non-conformist approach and innovative set of weapons is clicking well into today. We just opened up our New York office and are closely looking at Asia as well. We’ve got no shortage of ambition and entrepreneurship and let creativity be leading in everything we do.

This position is for our Amsterdam office in particular. We feel we could use extra directing powers. Someone who’s not just willing but also able to make a difference. Who jumps on the barricades, but also comes in peace. A likeable boy or girl wonder with amazing creative skills of course.

Here’s a few things (okay a lot) of what we expect from you:


  • Supercharge the creative teams
  • Join in on the quest for great strategic insights
  • Ensure that projects are meeting every international quality standard (and the client’s expectations)
  • Be an innovation leader
  • Be good friends with the ECD
  • Surprise and amaze, as often as possible.


Professional skills

  • Exceptional creative ability and opinion (an international award winning portfolio might help)
  • Preferably but not necessarily an art direction background
  • Love of innovation and non-traditional advertising
  • Great motivational leadership and coaching skills
  • Good sense of humour
  • Strong, convincing, trust-based client presentation skills
  • You’re a creative kickstarter, in your personal life as well
  • An omnipresent time traveller, able to anticipate any act on the spot
  • You might even be able to fly.

Does this sound like a heroic position or not?

What we offer

Who wouldn’t want to become a super hero? You’d do it for free probably… Our offerings are pretty good though. You’ll get a desk in one of the 30 most coolest offices in the world, in our hideout in the heart of Amsterdam. You’ll get a salary which is not going to make you a millionaire, but doesn’t let you bite on a straw either. We happily give 26 days off in a year, so you don’t drain yourself out. And we encourage all heroes to do their own projects too, and actually have time reserved for that as well.


If you think you should be the One, please send your cv and motivation before April 15th to airmail@hellosuperheroes.com.

Looking for more information? Please contact Django @ +31 (0)20 846 38 06.

(image by Andreas Englund)


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The power of Chi

With enough will power, one can find anything.
Even the invisible.


ASUS approached us last year to develop a manifesto for the launch of a brand new 2-in-1 device: the ASUS Transformer Book Chi. In Taiwan and China everybody is very familiar with the meaning of Chi, but in the west it is not too well known.


We dove deep into Chi, this invisible energy. And we found it in China, in its most rural province: Hunan.


The film was shot with Revolver’s very talented director Seb Shueti  (never seen someone so delighted to witness the pure air and the rising mist every morning) and DOP Thomas Buelens.  Enchanted by breathtaking views – which were actually also used in the movie Avatar –  the whole crew was amazed by the serenity of the place.


At the CES in Las Vegas the ASUS Chi was launched on stage by ASUS’ chairman Jonney Shih.


Want to know something special? The SuperHeroes design team actually also developed the Chi logo which is now the global trademark of the 2-in-1 device. Awesomeness guys!


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Welcome to China


(the ‘behind-the-scenes’ adventures of Dimitri in China)

Nee Ya, Nee Ya !

I have no idea on how to write it. I have only a fair idea of how to pronounce it. But I have a pretty clear idea of the chinese meaning behind this expression :

There There.

There, where carrying a moped on your back while already driving a moped is okay.
There, where the locals take a picture of you taking a picture of a dried cat hanging in front of a restaurant, as the menu. There, where the Wifi is 100Mb/s but where the access to Google is denied.

Welcome to China, deep China.

The beauty of doing a production abroad is the discoveries you make during your journey. You come back to the agency with great work, more valuable and genuine, and loads of souvenirs. And sometimes, rabies. But not this time. This time we got lucky.

First stop, Shanghai, often described as the Asian New York. Which is pretty true, except for some details: it’s pretty impossible to find a cab, and if you do, chances of the driver speaking english are close to 0. It’s okay to spit on the street too, and the pollution is extreme. Shanghai is a joyful mess, where it’s hard not to find what you’re looking for.

Next stop, Zhangjiajie. Wait, where ?

Zhangjiajie, Avatar filmset style. Where the fog arises at 6am, beautifully covering the mountain range. Where the monkeys are wild, and chase you during location scouting. Where there’s the 2 second snake: a snake which poison could kill you just like that. Where the woman dance after lunch, as a digestive.

Where the landscape keeps to amaze too. In Thomas’ lens, (Thomas Buelens, DOP) the surroundings barely look real. Beauty reigns here, amidst the mist and the rocks, and Shueti (Seb Shueti, director) rises before the sun to capture it, raw and wild.

On our next stop, still in the province of Hunan, we found ourselves in a majestic Bamboo forest, with Philippe, our actor, practising Tai Chi. Didn’t take a lot of time before I asked the Tai Chi master some tricks, impressing Clio, our Asus representative on set, and Severien, super producer from the agency.

Next stop, Schiphol. Already 9 days. We came back to Amsterdam with a manifesto we are all proud of and happy to present at the 2015 edition of the CES. And with so much more knowledge about this magic energy : the Chi.

We also brought back some nice pictures, but not too many, because spoiling is not really our thing here at SuperHeroes.

IMG_6134 IMG_6084


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Over 19 million Modern Birds!

Our modern birds have spread their wings and have flown all across the world! That’s already more than 19 million views… And what’s especially cool about our tufted titmouse Edward is that this wasn’t accomplished with just one central film: this time we released a film in a great number of languages, to straight away get local Christmas shopping traction.

The birds have taken flight

From the Emirates, Taiwan, Brazil to France, Spain, Germany and Italy: Edward seems to have quite the knack for language. It does raise ample questions about the contemporary definition of virality (decentralized virality?)

Aside from feverishly following the responses to the campaign, we’ve had an amazing time listening to all the new voices for our avian superstar being put up around the world. Here’s some versions for you to enjoy:

German : Der modernste Vogel der Welt

Italian : Scopri Edward il più grande fan del T100

Brazilian (Portugese) Pássaros modernos

French Rencontrez Edouard, un oiseau moderne




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‘Tis the season for Modern Birds

The stress of the holidays can leave even the most modern men and
women feeling a little overwhelmed. But have no fear, Edward the
Tufted Titmouse is here! We’ve created Edward as the spokesman for
our new global campaign for ASUS, featuring the Transformer Book T100.

Edward is the world’s most modern bird, and he’s also the biggest
fan of the ultraportable Transformer Book T100. In a series of three
online films, Edward is showing us the benefits of the 2-in-1 ASUS
T100. It’s a tablet when you want it, and a laptop when you need it.

Are you a Sneak Peeker…with big fat sausage thumbs?

The films take place in our human world, and features birds with arms struggling to make time for the finer things in life. Instead of overwhelming people with product specs, the films playfully reflect on our everyday struggles and show how the ASUS T100 is the perfect alternative.

To hit home with viewers, many of the scenes are based off real life conundrums. For instance, the film ‘Sneak Peekers’ takes its cue from that embarrassing real life moment of running out of battery on your device, and being forced to sneak-a-peek at other people’s screens. It’s all fun and games until you get caught. In the film ‘Lovebirds’, we connect to popular dating services like Tinder. Speed and agility is what you need, instead of struggling to peck out an email on your phone or tablet. We call this having sausage thumbs, and it’s not nearly as delicious as it sounds.

What kind of bird are you?

Supporting the three online films we also developed an an interactive career choice Facebook quiz for users to share with friends that’s in keeping with the theme of our modern, hardworking birds with arms. Ready to find out your true calling? Tying everything together we also created a host of social posts to narrate the entirety of the holiday gift giving period.

Modern Birds is the first global campaign we developed for ASUS, and it also marks the launch of the new SuperHeroes NY office. Greatness! Now flap you wings and clean your beaks. Here’s…. Edward!


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We’re one of the coolest offices in the world!

Recently the renowned Inc. has listed our SuperHeroes office among the 30 coolest in the world. But, the place where we hang our capes is more than just an office. We call it our hideout.

Having made the cut and the bragging rights that come with it, we thought this would be a great time to expand on what actually went into making our hideout. Upon starting we devised a few pillars supporting what we wanted to achieve.


First off we wanted our office to be a very open space so everyone could communicate without any doors blocking anyone off. Second, we wanted everything to be not just recyclable but cradle to cradle as well. Thats why many of the furnishings are made from recycled wood panels and are held together by pegs rather than screws. This way we can easily move the operation around, and everything remains pleasantly biodegradable. Finally we tried to make room for as much greenery as possible to ample provide oxygen for our heroes.


Our superhero lama is by far the most famous fixture of our space but everyone who works here has a different thing they love about the hideout.


The swing is very dear to us but, it continues to be a polarizing feature of the hideout. Lauded by some as a great place for phone calls, it inspires maternal feelings of concern in others.


We get a lot of light in here, and being Amsterdam there’s always cool stuff happening down on the street.


Not pictured are the many man-hours that have been lost on the table tennis table in the back settling many a grudge match. By the way, our three meeting rooms are named Rock, Paper and Scissors.

There is more to this big open space than meets the eye at first. But a secret hideout it doesn’t give up all the secrets hidden in its corners and secret rooms willingly. Unfortunately we can’t confirm or deny any rumors regarding the existence of the hideout’s innermost sanctum, the executive bathroom. If you’re still itching to explore every nook and cranny of our hideout, you can always stop by and enjoy a coffee whilst looking for the secret passageways and pressing on the inconspicuous looking book or two.

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SuperHeroes is looking for a Supernational Content Manager


Can you switch from Deutsch to Français, or from Español to English in a sec, and cope with tight deadlines strict as a Swiss watch? And are you not allergic to airport dinners…? Here’s a great job for you.

This vacancy is not an everyday position. You will become the content center point for one of the greatest sneaker brands in the world. You’ll manage the web content of 5 country markets and will be travelling frequently to Europe’s capital cities. It’s a busy and exciting role.

Your responsibilities will consist of:

• Day-to-day communication with the markets
• Support, advise and answer questions regarding regional and local content management
• Identify and solve challenges
• Adjust and manage content proactively
• Work with design- and development teams
• Guard the brands’ tone-of-voice and style in regional and local content
• Report and analyse Google Analytics data of the markets
• Inspire with energy and expertise
• Frequently you will visit each of the 5 territories for face-to-face meetings.

You’ll understand we are not looking for a ‘somebody’.
To be a real SuperHero you’ll need a special range of superpowers:
• You speak at least two or three languages fluently (besides English, also French, German and/or Spanish)
• You are a digital addict
• You’re eager to serve
• You are organized, structured and extremely accurate
• You love art, music, skating and underground culture
• You’re experienced in Content Management
• You don’t mind traveling/ working outside office-hours
• A sociable and inspiring personality – people are genuinely happy to see you.

At SuperHeroes:

• You will get a fulltime job
• You will get to work in our international creative environment
• Your base will be our agencies’ hideout, in the heart of Amsterdam
• Starting 1st December 2014 or sooner.


Send your CV and your motivation BEFORE november 13th to airmail@hellosuperheroes.com or call 020 846 3806 and ask for Django or Sanne.

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Hundreds of crazy pieces of content. Dozens of exclusive gigs tickets and provocative opportunities across Europe, all tailored around an online instrument named THE TICKET. Together with Converse and Anomaly Amsterdam we’re happy to present you our latest creative project: SNEAKERS WOULD.

Timed against the launch of the Fall 2014 Converse All Star sneaker collection, SNEAKERS WOULD is encouraging creative spirits to cast aside their inhibitions and choose an exciting, spur of the moment path.

The innovative interactive platform The Ticket – a Chrome and Firefox extension – is bridging the gap between Converse’s fans online and a vast array of impulsive, “now-or-never” opportunities in their cities. The Ticket is transforming boring parts of the Internet into an exciting world of sneaker opportunities and content like films, games, GIFs and images. Those who are always willing to live in the now will benefit the most.

The #sneakerswould campaign is inspired by the rebellious ethos of the Chuck Tailor All Star. It will pop up to users unpredictably in London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam throughout the months of September and October.

Transform your Internet right now – #sneakerswould

Download The Ticket here: SneakersWould.net

Sneakers Would

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Cannes Lions keynote!

Pretty cool stuff going on around the SuperHeroes hideout. Together with our good friends Ben & Julia, our very own founder Rogier Vijverberg is giving a Keynote speech at the 2014 Cannes Lions festival. The topic: ‘Make Innovation Feel Fluffy’.

Here’s the fluffy new poster :).

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One Second of Fame

Another kick-ass project in the back of the net. Yeah, that’s right, we’ve made a World Cup campaign for LG – the only one you need to play this season.

One Second of Fame is an interactive Facebook game set to put football fan tekkers* to the test. It captures the nail-biting excitement that one well-played second can unlock, and challenges football fans to predict in what second will be scored – their very own One Second of Fame.



With 5,400 seconds in a match, every second counts.  The game will run throughout the group stages of the World Cup and will also be available on mobile. Lucky players will be awarded with a number of premium LG prizes. So, start looking into the stars!


Super Chris, mega motion Fred, and spandex loving Nando and Krister, joined forces to make the game come alive on screen. Our friends at Magic Bullet developed the front- and back-end. Our social team has also created a full social targeting plan to make the game the most shareable world cup game on Facebook!

So what are you waiting for? Roll the dice and visit LGSecondofFame.com.


* http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Tekkers

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