SuperHeroes New York names Rob Zuurbier as Managing Partner

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New York, February 1, 2016SuperHeroes, the Amsterdam-founded creative agency with a mission to rid the world of boring advertising, names Rob Zuurbier as Managing Partner of its New York hide out. The agency, which is focused on stateside growth in 2016, works with brands such as Converse, LG, ASUS, Heineken and UNHCR.


Rob joins the Williamsburg-based agency from 360i New York, where he served as group account director, overseeing a number of large-scale AOR and digital accounts.  Zuurbier has been part of the Dentsu Aegis network for nearly a decade, across affiliated agencies and offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, London and New York. He has served as the business lead on brands such as Canon EMEA, Canon USA, Chevron, ScottsMiracle-Gro and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Following several years at EMI Music Netherlands as Head of Creative Services, Rob began his advertising career at Wieden+Kennedy’s Amsterdam office, where he worked on EA Games, Carlsberg and Nike. While working with Canon in New York, Rob was responsible for the global launch of the new Cinema EOS motion picture product line, for which the Japanese company won an Emmy in 2013.
Rob Zuurbier says: “Being a Dutch native and from the W+K school, it was a no-brainer for me joining the SuperHeroes team of creative-first rebels. After talking with the founders Django and Rogier over a period of time it was clear that we not only possess the same digital DNA, but also feel very strongly that there is simply too much white noise out there and not enough smart, sharp, creative work which – when agency and brand truly align – can outperform any media buy, any day.”


The New York opening comes on the back of an exciting period of growth for SuperHeroes Amsterdam. The primary focus for the NYC office is to work with US brands with a hunger for fresh creativity, plus to serve the agency’s global clients.


New York is the first stop in an ambitious expansion plan for the seven-year old agency, whilst staying true to its DNA, as a digitally-born and raised, ever-evolving international creative agency.


Django Weisz Blanchetta, founder and managing director, SuperHeroes, commented:

Our ambition is to retain the entrepreneurial, creativity-driven spirit of an independent boutique agency, whilst creating work that speaks to people globally. Throughout the last seven years, this approach has consistently fuelled our success and we now embark on the next stage of our adventure. We know Rob is the right person to help us to realise our lofty ambitions, bringing great creative pedigree, kick-ass attitude and strategic superpowers to the cross-Atlantic table.

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Kinki Kappers will get a fresh new cut


We are happy to announce that we just started working for Kinki Kappers, the Dutch chain of pretty creative hairdressers.


Kinki selected us after a pitch phase with 3 agencies, Mark Melief, Creative Director of Kinki Kappers: “We noticed that SuperHeroes had the relevant experience during the first orientation phase. After seeing their concept, the ideas became more alive with our franchise partners.”


Kinki Kappers was founded during the roaring 80’s and now have even more than 40 outlets in the Netherlands. Our Creative Director Niek added that “in this visual era, we see Kinki Kappers as a trendsetting brand. And for 2016 we’re going to create a statement for Kinki Kappers that will resonate to all those creative people that surround the brand.”


Curious to see which haircuts our SuperHero team will get? Follow us on our social channels and be surprised!



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Saving the world #1: Gijs van den Berg



In 2016 we run a new visual series. We’re asking our own art-directors, designers and network of artists to create a visual that answers this one triggering question: “How to save the world from boring advertising?”


Our first contributor is Gijs van den Berg, photographer, filmmaker and art-director at KesselsKramer. He believes that in order to make something beautiful, you need to accept the ugly.


Gijs: “Beautiful things need context and contrast. Instead of letting boring advertising disappear I suggest we embrace its existence and create from there. Think about the lotus flower. It grows into a beautiful flower. But it won’t grow without mud. No dirt, no beauty; no boring advertising, no interesting advertising.



Gijs: “I believe in thinking with your hands instead of creating scenarios in your head. While creating something new you will run into things you never thought of before. Making not only the end result, but also the process everything but boring.”


NO DIRT, NO BEAUTY  is a two color iris silkscreen print on 70x100cm 200grams paper. Hand printed in an edition of 15 (+5 A/P). These prints are for sale for €100,- each via Profits will be used to start up The Dirty Hands Club. A place for creatives with side projects.

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Twitter polls: would you use it?

Twitter recently launched a new feature called ‘Twitter poll’, allowing brands to ask followers a question and give them two, three or four options to vote for. Only after you’ve voted, you can see how others have answered. When the inquiry is over, Twitter sends you a push notification with the results.


Would you rather travel 10 years in the

a.    Future

b.    Past




Up till January 15th a poll could only be ‘live’ for 24 hours. Now you can set the duration of the poll yourself, with a max of 7 days. According to Twitter, the poll feature has been a huge success, with 1.7 billion votes being cast across user polls over the past few months.



Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 21.22.18


Why the success?
The mechanism is simple: ask a question and formulate the fixed answers. The copy has the same limit as a normal tweet, and you can add a link if needed. You cannot add a visual (yet). For the follower the threshold for responding is very low (anonymous) and yes, of course it makes you want to see the results (so, do you answer the same as the majority?)


What to use it for?


Can’t decide what to wear to a party next Friday? Ask your Twitter followers in a poll. Need to select the best fitting title for your next blog post? Create a poll, your followers will give you the best advice. Want to know if people rather buy your product in store or online? Ask them in a poll. Of course it would be great to have as many answers as possible, so the results will give you a plausible answer. Tip: add a funny twist, or just use great copy, fire up the curiosity-factor and then people will retweet it to expand your reach.




If an advertiser wants to use the poll to engage with certain target groups on Twitter, there’s a few options Twitter gives you. You can set up the poll as normally and promote this Tweet. Second option is to use the Voting Card (for which a minimum spending budget is needed). This Voting Card is not new though, and several brands used it:


Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 15.43.53






















ING Twitter polls


For our client ING (retail banking) we’ve used this feature as well. “Financially Fit” is an inspirational section on the ING website with all kinds of tools for people when looking for information about mortgage issues, money saving or retirement. To give these tools more awareness within the target group, we used the Twitter poll, amongst other social tools.


Engagement for this tweet was 1,43%, which is pretty high. Even without the votes included in the ER calculation.

 When we asked Twitter about this, Ashley Vinson (Twitter Inc.) says: “YES votes on an organic voting poll on Twitter DO count towards engagement rate now!” 
So want to increase your average ER? Use a poll!


We think the poll is a great way of interacting with the audience and ideal for collecting a good amount of data from your followers.


With who would you like to discuss the possibilities? contact

a. or


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Refugees are #RealPeople


USA for UNHCR and SuperHeroes New York launch an emoji keyboard that changes the way we look at refugees. Because with the Syrian refugee crisis going in its 5th winter, USA for UNHCR want to raise awareness and spark debate around the struggles faced by refugees. Refugee Emojis is an emoji keyboard and website that visualizes remarkable stories of refugees in 53 different emojis.

The Refugee Emojis keyboard was initially created for Doctors Without Borders in several European countries. USA for UNHCR approached us for an adapted version and campaign for the US market, putting focus on all those wonderful human stories.


Like the story of Noujain who has travelled all the way from Syria in her wheelchair and learned English by watching soap operas. Or the story of Subhi, a gay Syrian refugee who gave an important speech at the United Nations.


Other emojis (Life Savers, Empowering women, Welcoming, For Kids) symbolise what important and basic needs refugees have. Such as toys, equal rights for women or a warm meal, each visualised in a language that we use on our phones every day.

While being in the midst of holiday season, this is the right moment to say “Refugees are #RealPeople” and turn 2016 into a year of hope. The Refugee Emojis should act as a signal to politicians to stop portraying groups of refugees as numbers.

Download the Refugee Emojis keyboard on


The Refugee Emojis were developed in close collaboration with mobile messaging developer Snaps and design portal TheFWA

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Flashy Balls will save your Christmas

Christmas. The time of the year when we gather with our family, friends and colleagues to feast on delicious meals, enjoy too many beverages and bring old traditions back to life.


But underneath, lies a bigger truth. An ugly, shameful truth. Fake smiles to dramatic presents, eyes half-opened listening to boring stories and embarrassing outfits to please the theme of the host. That would all be just fine if we weren’t living in the image era. Before you know, you might be in every social network, tagged on that picture sipping that cocktail dressed as a X-mas tree.


That’s just not acceptable.


So at SuperHeroes, we reflected upon that matter. Literally.


With reflective fabric for running shirts, reflective striping on sneakers and reflective spray paint for bikes, 2015 definitely was a year of reflection. That’s why we took reflective material from under the tree to in the tree with the Flashy Balls. A helpful gift that lets you hide those shameful moments, just by reflecting a blinding light when photographed with a flash.


Now, you’re free of shame. Congratulations.


Merry Flashy Balls





Booklet - Final - Print Ready - 2015.12.11



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Hello Edward: Changing the Face of Augmented reality


When Asus asked us to make an engaging promotional video for their latest 2-in-1 device, no one could have predicted we’d end up reinventing augmented reality. But with a bit of technical wizardry from digital production outfits, MiniVegas and Magic Bullet, we built an exciting new AR app that combines our favourite things: a hilarious bird with arms, and an AR experience that doesn’t require a deed to your house in order to work properly.


It’s AR without the hassle of printing or downloading markers.


Hello Edward is brilliantly simple to use. In fact, the whole experience is triggered by something everyone has, a face. Using the phone’s front camera we developed a face and shoulder detection algorithm that determines the location of the shoulder, allowing us to perfectly position everyone’s favorite bird with arms right on your shoulder.


Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 18.05.46


Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 17.48.03


What could have been a typically boring product demo turned into a hilarious interactive experience featuring the feathery Asus spokesperson explaining his vision on the new ASUS Transformer Book T100HA, as he dances, juggles, flies his jetpack, and of course takes selfies. Dubbed the world’s first ‘interactive selfie cam AR experience’, the app, runs on Android and Windows. Unfortunately, Apple felt like it was a conflict of interest to include the app on their store, so that’s a bummer for all you iPhone users.


Also enjoy Edward’s promo video:


Get the app!



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“Useless is Awesome” at the Eurobest Festival


useless2On December 1st, our creative director Rogier Vijverberg will speak at the Eurobest Festival of European Creativity in Antwerp.


His talk? How useless is very very awesome. While innovation is now such a big buzz word, it’s everywhere. In this speedy race to renewal, a lot of useless things are being created. And that’s awesome. Because you need the useless to define what is valuable.


So what can we learn from the useless? What makes a tech idea awesome? And how do people instinctively feel that something is right? SuperHeroes knows. Saving the world from anything that is boring, it adds humanity to innovation.


The talk looks at both the questionable innovations (do we really need a phone cover that also serves as a hairbrush?) and the serious innovations to determine what factors make an innovation a fail or a win. Rogier is going to give the people a realistic perception of what is out there, and how we can work together to create meaningful innovations.


December 1st, 17hrs, Inspiration Stage, Eurobest Festival of Creativity, Antwerp.

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HOLLA: Young people create ‘like’ their own language



Wednesday night (25th of November) we hosted together with CrowdDNA a dynamic session about youth culture. An evening to unravel the myth of youth and advertising. Why do young people like or dislike our ads? We unraveled some amazing insights indeed ;)


CrowdDNA is a cultural insights and innovation agency, based in London and Amsterdam. Lydia (CrowdDNA) presented their findings on youth and advertising which is based on social, influence and off course communication.


This was a great discussion starter for Rogier and Niek (SuperHeroes) who did some myth busting with a panel of youngsters. We invited Jamairo, Jesse, Klaas, Naomi, Shalisa, Alexander and Bas (aged 15-21) to give us some insights in their beautiful brains.




With statements like “Privacy is important for me” we fired up the discussion between the guests and the young panel.


And guess what, young people are indeed very conscious about what they put on social media: “Everything I put online, I ultimately assume that people can look at it. If i wanted it to be private, I wouldn’t put it online” Bas said.





Here’s another interesting one, about YouTube advertising. Unlike Facebook, where they are scrolling through their timeline, young people search for specific content on YouTube. The prerolls, the mid rolls and all the other ads are not appreciated at all. “When I see a YouTube ad, I mute it and switch to another tab until it’s done” Naomi told us.



Being online is the same as breathing air and drinking water for young people. It’s such a given, they don’t know anymore what it feels like to be offline. Yes, being online on your mobile is also as normal as bread.


Unsurprisingly, the representatives of the brands were very curious if the girls and boys also shop their favorites online. Well, most of them indeed shop online, BUT to a certain amount and also certain products. Fashion is hot but the girls still wanted to feel the fabric in their hands and to try it on. The guys did shop on their mobile, or at least do research on their mobile. The more expensive the product, the more likely they go to the physical store to finish the purchase.




Influencers and celebrities

We said: “Bloggers are more important than celebrities” and this statement caused a stir between the young panel members. Jesse said that “bloggers are the new celebrities for the generation after us” and Jamairo thought that it’s cooler “to see a celebrity wearing something on their own volition, rather than bloggers pushing content marketing on you”.
From the audience the all known question was asked: “But how do you guys feel about the fact that the bloggers are (mostly) paid to talk about that brand?”

If a blogger has the right approach to deal with the brand in his article, we’re totally okay with sponsored messages.


Video registration of part 2:





Download the summary sheet of the Crowd DNA presentation.

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HOLLA: a grand shout-out to youth culture

SuperHeroes and Insight & Innovation Agency Crowd DNA will be organizing HOLLA, an exclusive seminar on youth culture.

During this evening we’ll discuss the latest trends and current cultural context of young people’s lives. How do 18 year olds use their devices? What moves them? Which brands are reaching out and who is failing? And how will our campaigns keep up with them? So much mystery, so many interesting answers.

This event is invite-only. Do you wish to attend? Holla at us and share your best reason why you can’t miss out on this.


HOLLA takes place on November 25th, from 18.30-21.00hrs at the SuperHeroes hideout, Sarphatistraat 49 Amsterdam

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